Steve Miller Band is the epitome of nostalgia.  I have very clear memories of seeing him 4 and 5 nights in a row at the Outdoor Amphitheater in Dallas from the grass lawn in the back when I was in high school.  You’d buy tickets one night and then run around the lawn looking for the guy giving away free tickets for the next night if you could name five Steve Miller Band songs.

Concert photography has all sorts of rules and they are different every time you shoot.  Much like at Carrie Underwood, Steve Miller restricted us to shooting from the sound booth and in an interesting turn of events, for the first time in my concert photography career, we were instructed to shoot the LAST three songs instead of the first three songs.  I don’t own a lens longer than 200mm and I didn’t find out until too late to rent a teleconverter, so I snapped a few from the booth and called it  a day.  Surprisingly, I actually prefer the Steve Miller Band photos for sharpness over the Carrie Underwood photos, which were shot with a D800, 70-200/2.8 and the 1.7 teleconverter.

Miller’s backdrop was nothing short of spectacular and made for super interesting shots, aided by the distance.