So, this happened.

You know when you have a family willing to get into some shenanigans that it’s going to be a good portrait session.  There was even some rock modeling in addition to the tree hugging.  You’ll just have to wait for that though.

Tahoe Family Portraits

I had such a wonderful time creating Tahoe family photography for this amazing clan from Texas.  There were four generations in the house and I think (though I’ll have to count) 19 people total.  We did large groups, small groups, sisterly groups, husband and wife groups and individuals of everyone.  Time absolutely FLEW by and I had so much fun getting to know them.  That being said, anytime I’m around folks from back home, I immediately feel right at home.

There’s more to come from this family photography session in South Lake Tahoe, CA at their vacation rental home.  It was a great location and an amazing house – complete with pool, movie theater room and billiards area!