Last week I had the pleasure of joining my friend and Tahoe South guru Georgette Riley for dinner at Jimmy’s Restaurant at the recently opened The Landing Resort and Spa.   I was particularly excited about this venture for a number of reasons: first off, we had a small sampling of tastings that blew our mind the week before at Girls’ Drinking Club and secondly, because I’m super excited to be shooting a wedding there in June organized by the best wedding planner in Northern CA and one of the most hysterical fabulous women I’ve ever met, Tamara J Events.

Tahoe South just hosted it’s first ever official Restaurant Week.  A number of local Tahoe South establishments ran specials all week long to entice folks out of their warm homes into the cold to take part.  In addition to Jimmy’s, Boyfriend and I ate at Basecamp Pizza where they were offering an $8 personal sized pizza of any of their gourmet favorites!   We love Basecamp for their service, staff and food and jumped at a chance for an extra special deal.

Jimmy’s is one of the first restaurant’s to open in Tahoe that I’m particularly excited about.  The Chef’s father is Greek and her blend of “Californian Greek” is on par and takes me right back to one of the best trips of my life.   At Jimmy’s, you can almost forget that you’re dining in Tahoe.  For a brief second, you are transported to a cosmopolitan city where food is locally sourced from local farmers and ranchers and everything is made fresh and impeccably presented.

I can’t even begin to count how many times I ate fried feta in Greece but Jimmy’s Kataifi (shredded Phyllo dough) Wrapped Feta was spot on.  We had the pleasure of tasting a number of plates of their extensive and varied menu, but the Seared Ahi and the Roasted Beets and Apple Salad also really stood out as exceptional dishes for me.

You should head over to the Tahoe South Blog to read Georgette’s write up on our evening and check out all my photos from the night!