One of my customers, a Tahoe local, has started something wonderful: a series of kids’ triathlons. The Tahoe Kids Tri Club had one event last summer and 100 kids showed up! This year they have three events and I was thrilled to have my store sponsor them. In a show of support, I went out to watch the first one and took my camera along for fun. It was a BLAST!

The 5 and under swim start.

In addition to running three kids triathlons this summer, Jason and his crew of helpers are bringing two new adult events to the community as well: The Sierra Recon obstacle race and the Haulin’ Up Hawley Grade Run.

The older kids get briefed on their course.

Butterflies in the stomach?

Jason’s mission is to help foster a sense of community in Tahoe and I both respect and want to encourage his efforts. We need more people in our community to step up and help do things like this. We simply can’t leave the iniative to the same few folks over and over again. Look at how many awesome things happen when we come together to put on events and make changes: TAMBA, Lakeview Commons, and the really awesome Race the Lake of the Sky Stand Up Paddle Fest held last weekend (post to come on that one).

I love this one for some reason. It makes me giggle.

It was SO fun to watch 100 kids race around a beautiful park under the watchful eyes of the Sierra Nevadas on a bright sunny day. What’s better than listening to parents scream at their kids to pick up their feet and go faster while the kids are drowning their way across a lake? Awesome! That’s my idea of a good time!

An under 5 starts the run portion of the race.

A group of older boys awaits the start of their event.

I can’t wait to go watch the next two events. I had such a blast. The under 5’s swam about 25 yards, rode their bike one mile and ran about 1/2 a mile. The under 12’s swam about 75 yards, biked 2 miles and ran 1 mile. The over 12s swam 100 yards, biked 3 miles and ran one mile.

A tiny tot waits for his older brother.

Race for the transition!

I can’t say again how stoked I am to have some new events in town. I love bikes, I love running, I love swimming and I love kids being active. In a small town, small things make a big difference. I can’t wait to go photograph the next one.

Fact: kids in full face helmets are awesome.

This post features just a few of my favorite photos from the morning. You can find the rest here. If you are a parent and I photographed your child you will find them available to download through the link.