Tahoe Portraits with Dogs

Tahoe Portraits with Dogs | Georgette + Jersey

My friend Georgette is from, you guessed it, New Jersey, so it’s only appropriate that her dog’s namesake be of her homeplace. This coming from the lady whose current dog is named Austin and former dog was named Sierra.  I have a thing for geographical names.

Georgette wanted a quick portrait session so that for once in her life she could send out a Christmas card and by golly, I am jealous right about now because I also would like to send out a Christmas card but it’s awfully hard to get a portrait session done when you are a photographer coming off an insanely busy wedding filled fall!

We headed to one of Jersey’s most favorite walk locations, Trout Creek Meadow, for their session and the light was absolutely stunning!

If you’re interested in Tahoe portraits with dogs, you can get more information about my portrait sessions and pricing via this link.

Tahoe Portraits with dogsTahoe Portraits with DogsTahoe Portraits with DogsTahoe Portraits with DogsTahoe Portraits with DogsTahoe portraits with dogsTahoe Portraits with Dogs

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