I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.

Apparently I’m just going to be in web videos for Wake Up Tahoe with Dreu Murin all the time.  Skip to 6:24 for more of yours truly.

Adra, also from Wake Up Tahoe, and I both volunteered our time this past weekend for the K-Tahoe Radio Remote at the Meek’s Kids Day.  I set up another photobooth.  I decided to green screen it, which has caused me great pains of regret in previous booths.  With only 60 or so photos to wade through this time though (instead of the 500+ from the Winter Beach Party), it was a snap!  I picked a variety of vintage textures for backgrounds and I think they turned out pretty adorable!  The kids will love it since they will have no idea how I managed to make their green backdrop new colors!

Reno Tahoe Photobooth, K-Tahoe Radio, Kids Day at Meek's, Meek's Lumberyard

K-Tahoe Kids Day at Meek’s in Meyers, May 4, 2013.

If I photographed your child at Kid’s Day at the Meek’s in Meyers, you can download their photos for free via this link.  The gallery link will always remain here on my website under the Photobooth Tab in my Portfolio.