These two are inspiring and filled with extraordinary stories.

Story 1: David used to be a police officer in Washington.  When his father was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently conquered it, David was so emboldened by the care his father received that he left his job, went back to school and became a nurse.

Story 2: David met Mary Ann online.  She is a native Filipino.  They fell in love, she moved to the United States to be with him, they married in a civil ceremony in the Bay Area and then traveled with their friends and family for a destination Tahoe wedding and celebration at the Tahoe Beach Retreat.  How fantastic is that?

Story 3: I overheard David’s mother gush to another guest not only about how much she adores Mary Ann but also that she is the “best thing to ever happen to their family” and that her favorite part about her is how “tickled she gets” and bursts into laughter.  Momma is correct: Mary Ann was every bit of a blushing tickled giggling bride and I also adored her.  Her radiance shined through no matter who she was speaking with during the day. How fortuitous for me that David and Mary Ann chose me as their Tahoe wedding photographer for a few hours of their jubilee.

Venue: Tahoe Beach Retreat | Wedding Coordinator: Amanda Mason | Cake: Witt’s Cakes | Catering: Blue Angel Cafe | Florist: Rose Petals