Best of Tahoe 2014


There are so many ways I could start off this post.

This is a story about how this one time I won and award and I had NO idea.


When Joe Suave told me congratulations on my photography business and that I must be really busy since I won ‘Best of Tahoe'” when I stopped into The Keys Cafe yesterday to pick up lunch, I incredulously simply replied, “What are you talking about?” and then upon his insistence, I also insisted, “There is no way.”


How is it possible that I live in a town so small that you can’t have your picture printed in the Mountain News without 20 people texting you about it, but I managed to win “Best of Tahoe 2014” and NO ONE TOLD ME?



I’m completely and totally humbled upon finding out (months later) that I apparently won BEST OF TAHOE 2014 for Best Photographer.  This is humbling for a number of reasons, the least of which is that this is an award voted on by email ballots by members of the community of which I never requested votes from.  Which means there are a lot of people who took the time to write my name down without any pressure from me.

This is the best compliment anyone could have ever given me.

That being said, this is also humbling because I am mortified that 1) I had no idea and 2) I don’t know who to thank and 3) what if the world thinks I’m ungrateful because this came out months ago and I didn’t say anything?  If I knew the names and addresses of every single person who voted for me, I assure you, I would send you a thank you note with a Harry Potter Stamp of course because those are my favorite, because my mother taught me to send thank you notes and also because I’m obsessed with mail and I find that retrieving my mail and hoping there is something that is not a Victoria’s Secret catalog is one of the most thrilling parts of my day.

So, in all honesty Tahoe South:

Thanks a fucking bunch

(because nothing says extreme gratitude like the F-bomb).

This is pretty rad.

But I’m still confused why none of you mentioned it.

If you would like to see the full list of winners, you may do so via this link.