>My list of things to do before I die. In no particular order and simply because I felt like making a list. Jason makes lists all the time in his blogs. I want to be like Jason.

1. Complete an Ironman Triathalon, preferably in Kona.
2. Run a half marathon in every state.
3. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef before we ruin our oceans.
4. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail, but not southern California because that’s simply too much desert and I don’t carry water.
5. Climb in Yosemite
6. See a whale up close
7. Go to the Tour de France
8. Visit Fabric
9. Backpack through Europe
10. Learn to fly fish
11. Do a century ride
12. Ski in Switzerland, just for because I want to say I did. It’s got nice alliteration.
13. Learn Spanish fluently (again) and not forget it
14. Climb in Thailand
15. Go ice climbing
16. Complete a Ride for the Roses
17. Drink wine in Tuscany
18. Learn to row (skull)
19. Kayak the Mexican Penninsula
20. Go to Glade, Global Gathering or some other music festival of epic proportions in another country
21. Learn some French
22. Live in NYC for a year
23. See Lava (I dunno, I think it would be cool).
24. Climb 5.12
25. Own a wine cellar
26. Try surfing
27. Swim a sub-minute 100 Free (I’m close. Last time trial was 1:02 and some change)
28. Visit everywhere I can in the world, but most specifically:
* Europe (see ..9)
* Patagonia
* Tokyo/Japan
* Glacier National Park before it melts
* most of South America
* Alaska
* Australia and New Zealand
* Somewhere in South Africa
* Novia Scotia
* Grand Canyon

These things used to be on my list, but I’ve completed them:
* Move out of Texas
* Snowboard
* Visit New York City
* Run the 8 mile Turkey Trot
* Visit Moab
* Potrero
* Sky dive

On-going goals with no specific conclusion include:
* to read as many books as possible
* to listen to as much music as possible
* to drink as many new beers as possible
* to watch as many movies as possible
* to dance and laugh… always