It is perfectly fitting that Aaron and Ellen wed at one of Aaron’s favorite places in the world: The Trois Estate at Enchanted Rock.  Aaron has spent the majority of his adult life with an all-consuming obsession with climbing.  I’m allowed to say this because he’s one of my best friends in the world.  In fact, there’s probably not many people that can tick off my own obsessions, faults, and quirks as well as Aaron can.  Aaron’s pursuit of climbing dominates his days off, his vacations and I’m certain he went climbing on his wedding day.  So basically, everything was as it should be.

Aaron and I have known each other for 17 years.  We’ve worked at 4 different companies together and followed each other across states.  Aaron is one of the most competant people I know and my favorite person to toss back a beer or two on a porch with.  He’s a homegrown Texan, which means that slow languid small talk comes easy to him which is exactly why he’s done so well in the retail world.  Ellen is adventurous, unbelievably smart, super laid back and one of the best people he’s ever brought into my life.  Not only am I unbelievably happy that two of my good friends were wed, but I’m incredibly honored to have photographed their intimate Texas destination Trois Estate wedding.

In short, this is an incredibly awesome pair of rad people who I feel incredibly lucky to consider friends.  I mean, really, who doesn’t want friends that can sabrage a champagne bottle?  That’s a skill y’all.

Trois Estate WeddingTrois Estate WeddingTrois Estate WeddingTrois Estate WeddingTrois Estate WeddingTrois Estate Wedding