When we woke up the Monday after my birthday, all of the flights on Southwest were sold out for the day which presented a problem in getting Erik back home to Austin. Hoping to try our luck, I hit the airport with him so he wouldn’t spend the day bored and alone, just bored. We hung out in the Reno airport together for about five hours, which were spent reading, joking, talking, watching an irate passenger be inappropriately horrible and rude to gate agents for things that were the passenger’s fault, and on flash photography lessons.

Flash photography lesson = good use of airport downtime. Photo: Erik Moore

Five hours later, Erik wasn’t getting on a flight to Austin. Instead, he was getting on a flight to Vegas. Since we have a mutual friend from way back living there, I decided to accompany him. It was super fun! Our friend picked us up at the airport at 8:30 PM, we had delicious Italian at Nora’s together, spent the night at our friend’s house and returned the airport for our respective flights home at 6 AM, less than 12 hours after we arrived!

I love being spontaneous!