>what the hell UConn?

>One of the many things Jamie instilled in me was an excitement for college basketball. We could go see home UT games for all of $10 and despite being sadly empty, they were thrilling. Although I don’t really have the energy, need or desire to follow the college basketball season the way I do UT football, I do love March Madness. For the first time ever, I actually submitted a bracket with a couple of friends on a message board and now I’m obsessed. My bracket is really screwed now. I spent the better half of the afternoon at work hitting the refresh button on the computer to watch the OT seconds tick away and the scores on the Drake/WV and UConn/San Diego games flipflop over and over. All you really need to know about the picture below is that red is bad and green is good and it seems that there is currently more red than green.

I enjoy upsets; as long as it isn’t my team. I tried to throw in some underdogs that I thought had a promising chance. I definitely expected Miami to loose and I never expected Vandy to loose. I think I will probably come in last place out of the seven people playing but that’s okay because I’m the only girl and I don’t really even know what I’m talking about. Except that UConn and Drake screwed me up. I just need the longhorns to win and I think I’m the only person who has them taking the whole tourney. What kind of a fan would I be if I picked them to not win? Hook ’em.

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  1. >If Brian were playing in your bracket, he would be the last place. You could at least end up second to last. He put down Washington State to win it all – just because his family went to school there. Good reasoning?

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