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When I moved away to college and settled into my first apartment, I discovered the world of Central Market, which offered apple varieties I didn’t know existed and amazing grains I’d never heard of in bulk. I spent years teaching myself how to cook, pouring through Cooking Light Magazine and tearing recipes out of it’s pages month after month. I grew up in a household that didn’t know what Olive Oil was used for and most of our dinners involved the words “fried” and “chicken.” And yes, there is a perfectly good reason that it’s called Chicken Fried Steak. If you don’t understand it, you must not be from the south.

Now, I may still love my grandmother’s mac and cheese, but these days, my palette revolves very little around Crisco and butter and more so around fresh vegetables, fruits and lean protein. I don’t believe in diets, but I do believe in eating well and eating what my body craves. I may crave a chocolate chip cookie here and there but mostly I crave fresh produce. This explains why every time I leave the country I think I’m getting scurvy.

I wish that I could call myself an inventive chef. The opposite of this is true. While I can cook and throw together dinners based on recipes that I’ve followed and again and again and again, what I cannot do is invent them. So while some of the Fusion Taste Team members are getting super inventive with their jars of World Foods sauces, what I love most about the sauces is that I don’t have to follow a recipe and that I can just throw things into a stir fry pan, add the sauce, and enjoy.

These sauces are 100% for the home cook that isn’t a chef. For the person who needs to follow recipes for the simplest things. For my co-worker, Briana, who never cooks. These are SO perfect for that person. They are also perfect for those nights you don’t know what to make and you don’t have the energy for something elaborate. They are handy. They are delicious. I am a fan.

Last night, my friend Anne came over and she was craving healthy. In a matter of 20 minutes, from start to finish, I had a veggie filled stir fry on the table.

World Foods, Fusion Taste Team, Stir Fry

Choose your protein, or skip it all together. Last night we used firm tofu, fried up crispy in peanut oil. Add your veggies. Whatever is leftover in the fridge will work. Pick a starch: rice noodles, udon noodles, soba noodles, rice! Your pantry is your guide! We always have a selection of Japanese noodles on hand because stir fry is such an easy weeknight staple dinner.

World Foods, Fusion Taste Team, Stir Fry

Last night, I added the World Foods Thai Galangal Lemon Grass Sauce to finish off the stir fry. Galangal is in the ginger family, but tastes more peppery and our dish had a bit of a kick, though I had a hard time telling if it was a kick from the jalapeno I sauteed into the veggies or from the sauce itself. Galangal is frequently mixed with lime in Thai cooking and you can find it’s presence in the ever popular Tom Yum soup.

World Foods, Fusion Taste Team, Stir Fry, Asian Sauce

Overall, I would say this is my second favorite World Foods Sauce, after the Rendang Curry Sauce. I’m also proud that I was patient enough to get the tofu super crispy, just like boyfriend makes it.

World Foods, Fusion Taste Team, Tofu, Stir Fry

You can win your own World Foods Thai Curry Sauce. We have 180 jars of sauce from World Foods to give away to readers from each state’s Fusion Taste Team. That’s roughly enough jars for five of my readers to win!

Fusion Taste Team, Contest, Curry Sauce, World Foods

If you want a chance to win an awesome jar of super fast sauce, head to the World Foods Facebook page and enter the sweepstakes.

You’ll need the password CAFTT to indicate that you are a reader of a member of the CA team in order to enter and you have until November 30th at 3:59 PT to do so.