Tahoe Photo Booth

Tahoe Photo Booth | TAMBA End of the Season Party

From 2011-2013 I was a board member and secretary for our local Mountain Biking Club, the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association. TAMBA is pretty awesome and it’s full of awesome people who like to ride bikes and make our trails better. You can head over to their website to read more about them or better yet, join!

They recently held their end of the season party and it was a smashing success.  Much like their Spring Season Kick Off Party, the end of the season party offers folks a chance to pre-renew their membership for 2015 and raised money for all the important work TAMBA does through raffles and a BBQ. It was a fantastic time at my favorite place (The American Legion, of course) with a slew of the best of the best people Tahoe has to offer: local DJ David Berkman donated his time spinning tunes, my buddy Dreu Murin donated his time as MC and I was more than thrilled to donate my Tahoe photo booth.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the evening. As always, the link to the full gallery will remain on my website under the 2014 Photo Booth tab. Head on over to the gallery via this link to download your photos, share to social media or order prints.

Although our trails are still in great shape here in Tahoe with nice firm dirt to ride on, the TAMBA party always signifies the end of the season and the beginning of winter.  Pray for snow!

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Mountain Bike Fruita | Sneak Peek

I’m currently on a kick ass mountain biking vacation with friends in Fruita, CO and Moab, UT.  You’ll have to wait til later for the full write-up but here’s a sneak peek to hold you over.  Just know this: mountain bike Fruita is awesome.

Tamba Spring Party - April 23, 2014

Tahoe Photo Booth | TAMBA Spring Party

From 2011-2013 I was a board member and secretary for our local Mountain Biking Club, TAMBA.   TAMBA is pretty awesome and it’s full of awesome people who like to ride bikes and make our trails better.  You can head over to their website to read more about them or better yet, join!

Tonight was their spring kick off party and membership drive.  It was a fantastic time at my favorite place (The American Legion, of course) with a slew of my favorite people: local DJs David Berkman donated his time spinning tunes, my buddy Dreu Murin donated his time as MC and I was more than thrilled to donate my Tahoe photo booth.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the evening.  As always, the link to the full gallery will remain on my website under the 2014 Photo Booth tab.  Head on over to the gallery via this link to download your photos, share to social media or order prints.

Here’s to Mountain Biking Season!  Wahoo!


Last weekend, on the spur of the moment, I decided to take my Labor Day holiday and Buddy and I went to Downieville for my second time this season and his first time EVER with a big group of friends. We camped, rode, laughed and drank for three days and it was absolute heaven. We rode a new trail there: the Mills Peak Trail. It is hands down my new favorite Downieville Trail! 9 miles of ripping awesome pumpy flowy downhill singletrack – what’s not to love? You can see all the photos from the weekend here, but these are a few of my faves.

Bands for Bikes Benefit Party

One of the things I volunteer for/participate with in my community is the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association. I like to say that I do it for work, but honestly, I would probably do it even if I didn’t have a cycling apparel store in town. I would probably just grumble about it a lot more.

One of the things were working on is building a community bike park. It’s going to be pretty amazing: a pump track, mountain bike skills park and the relocation of our existing BMX track all in the same place. I don’t have a lot of time in the summer to participate in trail days, mostly because I’m usually working in my store on weekends. Because of this, I try to make sure I lend a hand where ever I can. We need about $40,000 to build the park from start to finish and we immediately needed a few thousand to pay our killer design firm Alpine Bike Parks out of Whistler, BC. This I could help with: I’m a big fan of parties, as we all know, so I threw a party for the bike park.

Bijou Bike Park Conceptual Plan

I called in some favors from local businesses, community members and buddies in the Outdoor Retail Industry for silent auction and raffle prizes. I convinced my friends who are in bands to donate their time. HUGE thanks to both Dad’s LPs and 4 Piece Puzzle who very generously donated their time and music to the cause.

We had Tahoe’s new delectable food truck, The Yum Truck set up outside to serve food and Briana helped me run a photobooth. (Party ain’t a party without photobooth! Holla!)

After all was said and done, we raised about $1700 for the bike park, which is pretty awesome. I wish more people had come out for the event (there were about 50) but I’m proud of what we did and excited to start spreading the word about Bijou Bike Park.

These are my favorites from the evening, but you can see all of them here.

MBO 2012 comes to an end

Our third and final day at MBO was nothing short of amazing. Bill, Megs and I registered for a special shuttle to a trail called Moon Point – nine miles of downhill on a trail that was eerily similar to Tahoe Mountain. I was flipping out a bit on most of the descent because I’d demoed a Felt Edict Pro from Karl with a K, an industry legend who now works for one of my favorite bike companies. While I’m fairly certain that my next road bike will most definitely be a Felt, the Edict Pro is not only way out of my price range but wouldn’t work as my only bike in Tahoe.

Riding the Edict Pro is a little bit like driving a Lamborghini. It was SO light, SO fast, SO responsive, SO nimble that I felt like I was going to launch off a feature on the descent, sprout wings and fly. I spent all nine miles trying to ease into how the bike handled.

At the end of Moon Point you get to join up with a long cross country trail called The Middle Fork that ebbs and flows along the edge of the river. It was on this trail that the Edict Pro and I really found our groove. We HAULED. It was SO fun to get in a big pace group with a bunch of other riders and fly around tight corners. The Edict Pro is an amazing cross country bike and totally meant for trails like the Middle Fork. I felt totally molded to the trail on that bike. If you have an infinite budget for bikes and want a supremely fast and responsive race bike, the Edict Pro is the way to go. Just make sure you get one of those sweet X-Fusion seat posts to go along with it.

Hanging on the Willamette River

Megs and I had originally planned to head to Bend on Sunday afternoon to ride some trails there and kick it with friends but we were both feeling a little biked out and altered our plans to kick it at camp one more night with Bill, Leslie and Jill. It was a really nice way to spend an afternoon: drinking beer on the river!

Green Rivers Park, Oakridge, OR

Camp really clears out on Sunday afternoon and it was a total ghost town. We hung out until the sun started to depart and then headed into Oakridge to drink and eat at the Brewers Union Local 180 which had an awesome vegetarian friendly menu full of delicious options and great micro-brews. We managed to get super sauced and I managed to start a fight with a group sitting next to us that included a woman with fake boobs who had pranced around in heels all weekend at the event. But, that’s another story all together.

Cheers to a successful and hilarious weekend.

On the way home Monday, Megs and I stopped to check out an insanely huge waterfall. It was the biggest waterfall I’ve ever seen and this photo does it’s enormity no justice.

Salt Creek Falls, just east of Oakridge, OR.

You can see all the photos from the weekend here.

Interested in attending Mountain Bike Oregon 2013? I recommend the August event over the July event, where it’s usually considerably colder, misty and often raining. Registration is already open for next year. If you are an intermediate to advanced mountain biker that is fond of climbing AND fast descents, I highly recommend attending. If you like good beer, are super social or shopping for a new mountain bike and want to demo bikes on real trails, I recommend attending. If you are a beginning mountain biker used to wide flat trails, do not register for this event.

If you want to head to Oakrdige on your own, I recommend the following:
EAT and DRINKThe Brewers Union Local 180
STAYOakridge Hostel and Guest House
SHUTTLEOregon Adventures
RIDE – Alpine/Tire Mountain/Clover Patch (ATC); Lawler/Hardesty; Moonpoint/Middle Fork; Alpine

Earn your pint on sick Oregon single track!

MBO, Continued

Our 2nd day at MBO, the Tahoe crew all registered for the Lawler/Hardesty Double Shuttle for 20 combined miles of very little climbing and super fast descending. I was happy to be on a Yeti SB 66 that day. While it didn’t climb as nimbly and responsively as the Ibis Mojo, it was an aggressive descender and I felt comfortable on it. I would go so far as to say that I felt super strong descending for the 2nd day in a row: confident, calm, in control and fast. It’s amazing what a change in geometry does for my mountain biking skills.

On the 2nd night of MBO the entertainment is always pixie races. Meghan managed to win her heat (against Jill!) but failed to win the semi-final round.

Megs, dominating on a pixie bike.

Bill’s game face for the Pixie Race.

I was really hoping to snag a supreme crash but wasn’t ever in the right place at the right time. I did manage to get this sweet photo of the Aussie that won the event. This was right before he clipped my knee with his pedal yet managed to still stay upright AND win the race.

Pixie Race Champ on round 1.

More on MBO 2012 tomorrow!

Mountain Bike Oregon

Part of the MBO Tahoe Contingency 2012

Last year, I attended Mountain Bike Oregon for the first time and had an absolute BLAST. The premise is pretty simple: get hundreds of mountain bikers to camp in a city park and set up an adult summer camp. The weekend is essentially all-inclusive and the price (a little under $400) includes all your meals, all the beer you can drink and shuttles to amazing Oregon single-track.

MBO: not the best food, but food you didn’t have to cook yourself.

After learning the hard way about arriving late the year before, Megs and I got there with time to spare Thursday afternoon, securing spots for our whole crew on my favorite ride from the year before: Alpine – Tire Mountain – Clover Patch (ATC). ATC offers amazing hard packed single-track under an old growth forest filled with thrilling descents and gorgeous wood bridges. You feel like a velociraptor is going to jump out and attack at any moment. It was every bit as awesome as I remembered.

The number one value in MBO’s sticker price is the ability to get free demos from about 16 different bike companies for the rides each day. On ATC I was lucky to snag an Ibis Mojo SL to ride and I fell even more in love with it than the bike I thought I wanted, the Santa Cruz Blur. Santa Cruz Bikes has recently been an epic fail in my department regarding customer service to my employees and I have to say, I’m not to jazzed on the company anymore because of it. My goal for next summer now is to raise enough extra cash to buy the Ibis. It climbed like a dream, descended like a monster. I loved every thing about it, especially the X Fusion remotely triggered seat post.

Beer Garden Bike Toss

Every night in the beer garden you get to drink free beer from awesome craft and micro brewery’s like Hopworks and there is entertainment. I attempted the bike toss, as did Jill and Meghan, but none of us can claim winner to our list of accomplishments.

Megs kicks it in the beer garden

One of the best things about MBO is being surrounded by TONS of super social cyclists. A really amazing community springs up for a short time and everyone talks to their neighbors and makes new friends. It’s inspiring!

More on MBO next week!

5th Annual Ladies’ Downieville Trip

Every year, a friend of mine plans an annual Ladies-Only Trip to Downieville, a small town in the canyons of Northern CA that features some of the most epic mountain biking around. While I was unfortunately unable to attend last year, I had last participated on the trip in 2010 and had an absolute blast so you can imagine how thrilled I was to return for 2012.

Downieville is a really wonderful place. First of all, it’s in a prime location, with huge mountains towering over an idyllic and lush canyon cut away by the Yuba River. In prior years, the trip had only been two days but it was extended for three days of camping, swimming and biking fun.

Wild Plum Campground outside Sierra City

I arrived late on Monday night, missing that day’s ride down Butcher Ranch, but was excited to learn everyone wanted to return for the same iconic downhill the next day.

At the top of Butcher Ranch

Butcher Ranch is the most famous trail in Downieville and it, combined with the efforts of their amazing trail organization, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship have made Downieville the amazing place it is now. The iconic Butcher Ranch trail is famous for it’s ridiculously amazing descent: 5,000 vertical feet in 17 miles. If you are lucky like us girls, you have a really super cool pregnant friend on the trip to run your shuttle, dropping you off at the top and meeting you at the bottom in the heart of Downieville!

Post Ride Swim in the Yuba River

Being more of an uphiller than a downhiller, I found the bottom of the Butcher Ranch descent, the rolling singletrack of the Third and First Divide Trails to be more my speed. They are 3 miles of shaded gorgeous climbs and descents with some technical features but overall, simply solid fast trail. And while you’re at it – no bike ride into the heart of Downieville is complete without post ride beers and a dip in the river!

By Wednesday, most of the girls had taken off so my friend Heidi and I went and re-rode the N Yuba River Trail, a sometimes brutally steep 15 miles of singletrack with 3,381 feet of elevation gain that parallels the Yuba River from Downieville to Indian Valley Campground. The trail is tough and although it took our motley crew of 15 or so girls five hours to do it the first year because of differences in pace and climbing speed, Heidi and I mashed it in 2 and a half hours. We felt awesome afterwards!

Every time I visit Downieville I lament that I am not there more often. It’s less than two and a half hours from Tahoe, super easy to get to and offers world class mountain biking in an adorably quaint town. What’s not to love? I must go back this summer!

Visit Downieville:
SLEEP: Wild Plum Camground #1 is absolutely one of the most gorgeous campsites I’ve ever stayed in.
SUPPORT: Support the trail stewardship of the Sierra Buttes either by joining or purchasing items in their non-profit shop dedicated to furthering their mission. They also provide bike shop services/labor and daily shuttle service in the summer to the top of Butcher Ranch.

Traditions are awesome! What a fun couple of days!

You can see all the photos here.