Marginal is the New Epic

I’m taking a cue from my friend Court Brock who has coined a fresh new term for the winter of our discontent: “Marginal is the new epic.”

When I said I was only going to ski instead of snowboard until it really snows, I didn’t know that meant forever.

In the meantime, my buddy Blaine cruised through Tahoe on his way from Canada to Bishop in his killer Sprinter van that I’m super jealz of.  He brought my favorite dog in the world (other than Sierra) with him.  She’s a cuddle machine with Sierra sized personality.

If there had been snow, I probably would have made him go snowboard with me on his visit, but there isn’t so we went to the beach.  It’s like that.  Junuary.

Becker Peak

Megs and I are on a mission to get as many awesome photos as we can this year.  We went out twice last week to work on our mutual goal, first to Kirkwood for some sidecountry pow shots, and then again to Becker Peak.

Becker Peak, Meghan Kelly, Tahoe Backcountry, Backcountry Skiing, Powder

We have collectively decided that Becker Peak will be our new playground: it is ideally situated for easy and quick access over Echo Lakes.  There are tons of huge boulders to play on with a great vantage point of both Tahoe and Desolation Wilderness.  It’s a super short easy hike in (great for me when I’m carrying a snowboard and camera gear) and has tons of steep aspects, pillow lines and drops to get photos on.  It was a bit windy the morning we were out but it was a good scouting session for future photo shoots.

Becker Peak, Tahoe Backcountry, Backcountry Skiing, Meghan Kelly, Becker Peak, Desolation Wilderness, Echo Lakes, Tahoe South

Christmas Tree!

After deciding not to travel to Mt. Baker to ski this weekend, Buddy and I were excited to be able to go out and cut down our Christmas tree. It was extremely strange to go out Christmas tree hunting and not be tromping around in snow. We hit up Fallen Leaf Lake because we figured it would be a nice day to walk around on the trails. Sierra was super excited to go out hiking!

There’s a few other photos and if you’re interested in checking them out, you may do so here.

Reluctant Subject

After the insanity that was work over the last week I needed a day. I had originally planned on going into the store today but just couldn’t stomach the idea of selling anything. I decided that this meant I needed a day off and so I took one.

It was everything I would want a day off to be: I stayed in pajamas until almost 1 PM. I had breakfast in bed. I drank exorbitant amounts of coffee. I ran 5 miles. I read my new camera manual! I’ve had my camera for almost a month and I had yet to learn how to use it. I spent hours today pouring over a photography book and my camera manual and sorting out the basics.

I took Sierra out to the meadow at dusk to force her into being my model so that I could practice what I’d learned.

Sierra on the South Upper Truckee

I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out. You can see the best of the photos I took here if you’re my mother or for some reason particularly into pictures of my dog.

Sierra in our Meadow


At some point in early March, I start to get really paranoid that I won’t get another powder day. Al’s boyfriend Chris told me in November that he basically lives in complete fear ALL winter that it will never snow again. When it started snowing in November and I was all excited, he was saying that I should wish for it to stop because what if it runs out of snow and never comes again? I do not share this view.

That being said, I live in almost constant fear throughout the “spring” that EVERY powder day might be my last, even though it’s pretty much guaranteed to snow almost all of March. Tahoe tends to have really dry Januaries and then “Miracle Marches:” really wet and wintry springs.

This March did not disappoint – delivering a whopper of a storm early on, multiple 6-12 inch pow days throughout the middle, a few feet earlier this week and now, our schools, government, and roads have all closed down already today in anticipation of what they’re claiming will be the biggest storm of the season.

Most of town is hunkering down majorly, much like Sierra and Sugar this morning.

I’m a bit concerned about the roads this weekend, with storms stacking up back to back. I’m supposed to go do some adaptive schralping with the wounded warriors this weekend at Alpine Meadows with Disabled Sports so hopefully I can get there tomorrow. Conveniently, I already arranged to spend the night in Truckee tomorrow night so I really just need the roads to be drivable tomorrow morning and Saturday night when I come back. If not I can always stay again Saturday night with friends and come home Sunday.

We had a birthday dinner for a friend the other night and I made him a special cake. I’ll spare you the explanation, which is essentially an inside joke, but we seriously couldn’t look at the cake without laughing. We were opening the box just to laugh at it.

We also had Ghostland Observatory in town last weekend which was AMAZING. Even better, they are returning to Reno in May! I love that my most favorite Austin band will have been here three times in one year. So much awesomeness. I don’t have any photos of their lasers this time because I didn’t realize that I was carrying around my camera with no battery in it. Not unexpectedly, it wouldn’t turn on since cameras with no batteries don’t turn on. Weird.

I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures of snowmageddon this weekend. It’s time to hunker down with a fire and a bottle of wine. Or four. Exciting!