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Turtle Rock Park Wedding | Markleeville, CA | Adam + Terin

My friend Terin is one crafty lady, and I don’t mean like a fox.  She’s so crafty that she and some of her best girlfriends host weekly craft nights.  They make, build and design things I wouldn’t even start to dream of.  Like quilts.  I’m pretty sure that’s a thing they’ve done that I don’t do.  I don’t even bother with a crafting club.  I straight up just go to Girls’ Drinking Club.  In fact, I’ve previously vowed to drink more wine just so that I have more corks to give to Jenna Palacio to craft me a wine cork wreath.  Moral of this story: Terin is a master crafter and she killed it at the DIY wedding.  Terin: 1.  Lauren: 0.  

When Terin started planning her wedding to another one of my good friends, Adam, she had the help of her family and friends to transform what is normally a bland looking cafeteria room at a local state park into the place of her dreams.  I was blown away by how they managed to turn Turtle Rock Park into a lush, intimate oasis.  It was nothing short of incredible.

Almost everything at Adam and Terin’s gorgeous Turtle Rock Park wedding was DIY: her sister made hundreds of tiny cheesecake cupcakes, she wore a reconstructed version of her mother’s wedding dress, they invented, built or designed all the table decor and screens for the ceiling, her mom made their bouquets, they created all the table runners and centerpieces themselves.  Seriously.

Adam and Terin were wed at an hilarity filled ceremony, peppered with tears and sentimentality, at a private estate at the edge of the Sierra Nevadas, overlooking the Nevada valley.  On our way there, they wanted to highlight all the scenery our backyard offers us, so the wedding party stopped in Hope Valley for photos.  The party got wild and went late into the night thanks to the boys at Liquid Craft mobile bartending and Dylan with Lake Tahoe DJ.  Adam is apparently also creative: he wrote Terin a song.  And then he sung it.  In front of everyone.  Meanwhile, everyone cried and laughed and then cried and laughed and then realized that Adam ruined weddings forever for all of their future because no one can top that.  Adam: 1.  Everyone else: 0.

Venue: Private Estate and Turtle Rock Park | Day of Coordinator: Shana Conway Schmidt | Mobile Bar: Liquid Craft | DJ: Lake Tahoe DJ | Bakery: Corie King (sister of the bride) | Catering: Stephen Moise | Bridesmaid Attire: Azazie | Groom’s Apparel: Amazon | Hair and Makeup: Katie White at Tahoe Salon Be | Rentals: Camelot Rentals | Second Photographer: Red, White and Brian Walker 

Turtle Rock Park WeddingTurtle Rock Park WeddingTurtle Rock Park WeddingTurtle Rock Park WeddingTurtle Rock Park WeddingTurtle Rock Park Wedding

Gardnerville Senior Portraits

Gardnerville Senior Portraits | Hope Valley, CA | Emily

Emily is a bright, vivacious girl that happens to absolutely love my dog, so I’m quite partial to her.  Side note: her mom owns Professional Image Cleaning and if you’re in the market for a house-cleaner, I highly recommend them and use them myself!  We took Emily’s photos in the fall and we were really hoping for some epic golden fall California sunshine for her Gardnerville senior portraits and I must say that I think we succeeded with flying colors!

Senior portraits are not only fun to take but useful for all sorts of reasons: graduation announcements, keepsakes, gifts for family members and friends, and more!  Lauren Lindley offers senior portrait package specials and if you want, you can even combine your senior portrait session with a family photography session to make sure that you and your entire family have memories for years to come!

Gardnerville Senior PortraitsGardnerville Senior PortraitsGardnerville Senior PortraitsGardnerville Senior PortraitsGardnerville Senior PortraitsGardnerville Senior PortraitsGardnerville Senior PortraitsGardnerville Senior PortraitsGardnerville Senior Portraits

CA Ranch Wedding

California Ranch Wedding | Desi + Ben | Sneak Peek

I should buy a lottery ticket because I feel pretty lucky right now: two outdoor ranch weddings, two weeks in a row.  My favorite kinds of weddings are outdoor, informal, relaxed, dance party affairs with little pomp and circumstance, with few of the standard wedding “traditions.”  Desirae and Ben’s California Ranch Wedding was totally on point with all of my favorite things and included the most delicious tri-tip I’ve had in years.

California Ranch WeddingCalifornia Ranch WeddingCalifornia Ranch Wedding

Tahoe Meadow Wedding

Tahoe Meadow Wedding | LeeAnn + Neil

LeeAnn and Neil were wed in an extremely intimate, totally informal meadow ceremony surrounded family.  A friend was the officiant and LeeAnn’s daughter carried their rings in on a climbing carabiner.  The mountain life and outdoors is clearly extremely important to this couple and their shared experiences exploring the world that Tahoe has to offer took the main stage during their extremely moving ceremony.  It was absolutely, without a doubt, the most refreshing way I could have started my day that Thursday.  It kicked off a three day wedding weekend, full of beautiful couples, intimate moments, laughter and tears.  I’m so thankful that Jenay of Lake Tahoe Yoga sent this awesome couple my way.

What an unforgettable moment on a breathtakingly perfect Tahoe spring day.

Venue: Hope Valley Wildlife Area

Crepe Paper Photo Booth Backdrop

Markleeville Photo Booth | Christina + Travis

My friends Christina and Travis recently did something awesome: they eloped in Mexico.  I am so proud and excited for the two of them.  Christina is as effervescent and bubbly of a person as the champagne she prefers to imbibe in.  To top it off, she is extra crafty – a skill the two of us do not share.

When Christina approached me because she wanted to a Markleeville photo booth rental for their engagement/wedding celebration and started to describe her crafty decor plans, I became very excited.  She was planning on hand sewing bunting flags to hang all over the house and I suggested that we find a way to encorporate them into her booth.  Instead of the standard hanging cloth backdrop I usually use, I had her pick out crepe paper colors from Paper Mart.  The online retailer has a ton of options in inexpensive rolls that are 19 inches wide and a little over 8 feet long.  In a row, they are an exceptionally cute photo booth backdrop!

Here are a few of my favorites from Christina and Travis’ wedding celebration.  If you were a guest at the party and would like to view all the photos, you may access the gallery via this link.  Christina or I can provide you with the password.

Lauren Lindley Photography’s Lake Tahoe Photo Booth Rental is a fantastic and fun addition to all kinds of events including: weddings, corporate events, company parties, trade shows, birthday or engagement parties, fundraising events, festivals and more.  Photo booth is supremely social: even the most camera shy folks will have props in their hand by the end of the evening.   Small booths only hold a handful of your guests but the Lauren Lindley Photo Booth can fit everyone in!  More people, more props, more fun!  It’s also an affordable addition to your extravaganza that allows your guests to relive the party later thanks to our customized theme back drops, props and fun attendants!  Learn more about Lake Tahoe Photo Booth Rentals here.

Sunrise wedding

Markleeville Campground Wedding | Published at Poptastic Bride

Amanda and Jason’s wedding will remain unforgettable to me: the perfect sunrise light I had to work with, to her vibrant personality, and the laid back details and celebration of the morning breakfast.  I sent the feature to Poptastic Bride, who likes to promote the off-the-beaten path weddings with fun unique touches, DIY style and quirkiness.  Amanda’s Markleeville Campground Wedding certainly fit the bill!

Big thanks to Poptastic Bride for publishing us.  You can read the entire feature via this link.

Sharing is caring!  Spread the love and share my feature over social media for an extra thanks to Poptastic.  You can also follow Poptastic Bride on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Wedding Prayer

Markleeville Wedding Photographer | Indian Creek Reservoir | Amanda + Jason

This one time I had to show up for a wedding at 6:30 AM.

Yes, you read that correctly: 6:30 AM.

Amanda wanted a sunrise wedding at one of her most favorite places in the world: Indian Creek Reservoir in Markleeville, CA.   Her friends and family camped at the campground, rose in the wee hours of the morning to prep vats of scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast burritos, and decorated the reception area in the dark.  As I drove into the campground, it was pitch black.  It was SO dark at the campground as I drove in, I was briefly worried that there wouldn’t be any light out at the beginning of the ceremony.

It didn’t take me long to find Amanda.  I just stopped and asked some people walking through the campground what trailer she was in.  I (correctly) assumed that everyone on site was there for the two of them.

Amanda was adorably nervous.  It was warm in the trailer and she stepped outside in her flannel PJs with her hair all done up and a big smile on her face to take a shot of whiskey and collect herself.  She grinned, grabbed her friends hands, and prayed with them.  That image is one of my favorites from this year.

The ceremony was officiated by Jason’s father: it was funny, quirky and touching.

Both Jason and Amanda are hunters, fishers, and general outdoorsmen and the details of their wedding contained hints of their passions, from the camouflage belt on Amanda’s dress to the boys’ boutonnières.

It was the greatest wedding light ever and I’m fairly certain I exclaimed, “this is awesome!” about 20 times, thanking Amanda profusely for having a sunrise wedding.

Congratulations to Amanda and Jason.

And one last time, THANK YOU for having a sunrise wedding and for choosing me to be your Markleeville wedding photographer.  It was awesome!

Sunrise wedding

Markleeville Wedding Photographer | Sunrise Wedding | Amanda + Jason Sneak Peek

When Amanda first contacted me about her 7 AM wedding, I thought for sure that it was a typo.

It was not.

Amanda wanted to get married at sunrise at her “secret spot:” Indian Creek Reservoir Campground in Markleeville, CA.   It was one of the most unique weddings I will probably ever shoot, not only because it was at sunrise but also because it was at a campground.  It was memorable and stunningly beautiful. I can’t wait to share the other photos with you, but in the meantime, here’s an image to tide you all over.

Congrats Amanda and Jason!