Presidio Engagement Session

Presidio Engagement Session | San Francisco, CA | Kelli + Lucas

Kelli and Lucas came to me by way of another one of my favorite couples, Sara and Will.  In fact, Lucas is standing in half the photos on their blog post.  I am equally excited about Lucas and Kelli’s wedding.  If there’s anything I know about this crew of friends, it’s that they surround themselves with awesome.  I expect nothing less than another amazingly beautiful, love filled, raging dance party and sing-along celebration for Kelli and Lucas!

Kelli and Lucas really wanted to get married at Cavallo Point Lodge, across the bay from the Presidio, but it was (not so surprisingly) out of the budget.  It’s a little spendy over there y’all.  Next best thing: engagement photos in the Presidio, clearly!  With a travel loving, adventure seeking, wine drinking photographer who is always willing to climb into the bushes for her clients.

I had such a blast with these two, sharing stories about half marathons and trips, both taken and future, and their November Sacramento wedding is one of the ones I’m most looking forward to this year!

San Francisco Engagement SessionPresidio Engagement SessionPresidio Engagement SessionPresidio Engagement SessionSan Francisco Engagement SessionPresidio Engagement SessionPresidio Engagement SessionPresidio Engagement SessionPresidio Engagement SessionPresidio Engagement Session

Botanical Garden Engagement

Botanical Garden Engagement | Berkeley, CA | Jane + Robbie

Jane and Robbie showed up to their botanical garden engagement session in a clown car.  Not literally, but certainly figuratively.  Jane had found these giant air beach balls that say “LOVE” on them and wanted to use them for the session.  They had blown them up ahead of time and they filled the entire back of the car.  But then, they couldn’t get them out of the car.  And then, we decided maybe it would take too long to re-inflate them.  So, in the end, the smallest of them was used and we saved the bigger ones for their wedding.  Although you can find them on the internet as the Big Love Ball, I would not recommend simply googling “love balls.”

Jane and Robbie found me on Thumbtack and I am incredibly happy we were connected.  They are totally my people: smart, engaging, social craft beer lovers.  We had a great afternoon tromping around in the Berkeley Botanical Gardens for their engagement session and then beers at one of their favorite area bars.  Their wedding was just a few weeks ago in Maryland and I’ll eventually be sharing that as well.  It was 110% representative of their personalities: laid back and relaxed with a dash of goofy fun (big love balls, anyone?).

Botanical Garden EngagementBotanical Garden EngagementBotanical Garden EngagementBotanical Garden EngagementBotanical Garden EngagementBotanical Garden EngagementBotanical Garden EngagementBotanical Garden Engagement Botanical Garden EngagementBotanical Garden Engagement

Lucie Sterns Wedding

Lucie Stern Center Wedding | Palo Alto, CA | Caitlin + Marcus

Caitlin met me when she was a bridesmaid in a Lake Tahoe Golf Course wedding that I photographed for two of my most favorite clients to date!  Caitlin, Marcus, Christina and Jose all share a similar friend group and based on Christina and Jose’s wedding, I knew that their Lucie Stern Center wedding was guaranteed to be a raucous wild dance party.    They did not disappoint!

Their wedding was filled with wonderful surprises: a farm-to-table caterer with fun small plate food stations, a crying flower girl (who doesn’t love that?), and instead of the standard religious or literary reading, a friend read the lyrics of a rap song during the ceremony, a nod to Caitlin and Marcus’ shared love of both rap and their sense of humor.  They had lawn games in the community center plaza, a photo booth (of course!) on the prints of which I managed to spell both a name wrong and get the date wrong (if you don’t know, it’s 2016, not 2017) (they forgave me), and overall, a wild booze-filled party of the best kind.  The dance floor was packed from the moment they kicked it off.

Venue: Lucie Stern Community Center | Invitations: Wood & Water Paper | Florist: White Oak Flower Shoppe | Catering: The Green Grocer | DJ: Terry Cole of The Spinheads | Bride’s Attire: Trudy’s Bridal | Hair and Makeup: The Blushing Bombshell | Bridesmaid Attire: Weddington Way | Groom’s Attire: Nordstrom | Rentals: The Green Grocer

Lucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center WeddingLucie Sterns Center Wedding

Tahoe Donner Wedding

Tahoe Donner Wedding | Truckee, CA | Audrey + Gavin

Audrey and Gavin met while working at the same tv station.  They recently moved to Reno, NV and were wed this past summer in a gorgeous Tahoe Donner wedding on an absolutely perfect bluebird summer day.  I normally worry about light during mid-afternoon summer weddings, but I had nothing to fear this day: the stars aligned and the light was as stunning as these two people are!  Audrey and Gavin were surrounded by some rad folks – their wedding was hysterical from start to finish and every toast given had people cracking up from start to finish.  Gavin’s brother, the best man, delivered a particularly appropriate and hilarious baseball themed speech that had the entire house on the floor.  Follow that up with an epic dance party and you have the makings of a wonderful wedding day.

Venue: Tahoe Donner | Bakery: Delicious Designs Reno | Florist: Sparks Florist | DJ: The DJ Mobile Entertainment | Officiant: Dave Lawrence, KOLO News 8 | Invitations: Alethea and Ruth, Minted | Dress: Allure Bridals | Viel: Maritza’s Bridal | Groom’s Attire: Vera Wang | Hair: Glow Salon | Rentals: Red Carpet Events & Design

Tahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner WeddingTahoe Donner Wedding

Miner's Foundry Wedding

Nevada City Wedding Photographer | Alysha + Jackson | Sneak Peek

Alysha said that she knew I was the photographer for her the minute she saw me on Skype with a huge glass of wine in my hand.  Alysha and Jackson were visibly relaxed during their wedding day at the Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center.  Surrounded by friends and family and the rustic weathered building that was originally a machine shop, they wed in a quiet ceremony and celebrated with a reception that offered some of the best mac’n’cheese I’ve had lately (and you know I love mac’n’cheese).

Here’s a few sneak peeks from my day as their Nevada City Wedding Photographer.  There’s more to come from this awesome couple!

Nevada City Wedding PhotographerMiner's Foundry Wedding PhotographyNevada City Wedding Portraits

Swimming Senior Portraits

Tracy Senior Photography | Jason

This family.  I adore them so much.

Eddie and Lori were were one of my first Tahoe wedding clients.  They were wed in a beautiful and intimate Tahoe beach ceremony at theTahoe Beach Retreat.  To this day, they remain some of my most vibrant and vocal supporters.  I would do anything for them, and anything includes visiting their beautiful family in the Bay Area for some Tracy senior photography for their son Jason.

Jason is a talented, smart kid who intends to continue his pursuits of water polo in college.  He really wanted to showcase his love of the sport in his session and as I am a former competitive swimmer myself, I was excited for the session!  We spend the morning wandering around Tracy, CA with Jason’s guitar at various locations that Lori had previously scouted for me.  I must say: Lori was an exceptional location scout!  It was high noon almost when we shot and I didn’t want to leave Eddie without a job so we employed his services as umbrella man.  He also did an exceptionally great job assisting!

Tracy CA senior photography

Exceptional umbrella holding by Eddie!

I am constantly amazed by the folks who come into my life thanks to my job.  One of the best things about it is the lifelong relationships I forge with clients who I come to consider friends.  This family warms my heart in every way and I’m so happy I was able to photograph Jason to celebrate his high school graduation.  Here’s a few of my favorites from our Tracy, CA senior portrait session.

Tracy Senior PortraitTracy Senior PortraitsTracy Senior Portrait LocationsTracy Senior Portrait PhotographyTracy Senior PhotographerTracy senior photographyTracy Senior Portrait photographerWater Polo Senior PortraitSwimteam senior PortraitSwimming Senior PortraitFreestyle portrait swimmingSwimming Senior Portrait PhotographyWater Polo Portraits

Empire Mines Wedding

Grass Valley Wedding | Em + Dave | Sneak Peek

I basically spent the entire 10 minutes I had with this couple for portraits flippin’ flippin’ out.  Don’t think I wasn’t.

Empire Mines Wedding

This venue is INCREDIBLE.  Breathtakingly beautiful.  Photo opportunities every where you look.  Ridiculous lush greenery.  Backlit afternoon sunshine in just the right spot for everything.  It’s basically photographer heaven.  I could have spent an hour taking portraits with these two.  The first spot we photographed at I instantly knew was my favorite as soon as I looked at the screen.

I can’t wait to share more about this couple that I’m so enamored with I just want to keep them in my pocket forever.  But I can’t.  So I won’t.

I will share more from their gorgeous wedding with their gorgeous people and their gorgeous Grass Valley Wedding at Empire Mine State Park.

Until then, these will have to do.  Congrats Em + Dave.  You guys are rad.

Also, I really want to go back here.  Someone hire me to photograph their Grass Valley Wedding please please pretty please because I barely even touched the surface of possibilities for this joint.

Empire Mine State Park WeddingEmpire Mine Weddings

Murphys CA engagement session

Angel’s Camp Engagement Session | Published at Ever Ours

o. m. gee.

I have been (figuratively, not literally) dying to be published on Ever Ours for ever and ever and ever.  All my cool photographer friends are published on Ever Ours all the time and now I’m as cool as they are.

I can think of no better session than Britt and John’s Angel’s Camp engagement session to be published over on Lydia’s amazing site, which celebrates the wedding photography industry and all the amazing images and talent within it.

I’m so excited to be part of the Ever Ours community.  You can also follow Ever Ours on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

You can see the entire feature over at Ever Ours via this link.

 Northern CA Engagement Photographer

Murphy's Ca Engagement Photographer

Murphys CA | Engagement Session | Brittney + John Sneak Peek

So this one time, this couple arranged to meet me in a clandestine way in a parking lot in Jackson, CA, where they then drove me hours outside of civilization, where we ate a picnic lunch in a stranger’s van, drank a bunch of wine, and then tromped around in the meadow and took photos.

Oh, and it ended in a library.  In the woods.  In the mountains.  In the middle of nowhere.

Next year, I get to photograph their wedding.

It’s going to be awesome.

San Francisco Engagement Session | Julie plus Michael Sneak Peek

It was insanely difficult to pick just one photo to share with you today from Julie and Michael’s San Francisco engagement session.  We had so much fun bar hopping, getting creative with photo locations, gorging ourselves on delectable Italian food in Little Italy and even stumbling on a bar frequented by Anthony Bourdain.

I can’t wait to share the rest of our photos and stories from our Monday Funday!