Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding | Dana and Steve | Sneak Peek

Dana ordered up a photo booth for her wedding and professed, “I hope it’s the most fun wedding you have all summer!”  Dana and Steve’s Tahoe Beach Retreat wedding was officiated by a hilarious close friend, who knew them well, featured a speech by a groomsman so incredibly funny I could hardly take photos I was laughing so hard, and a dance party that was hardly dampened in the least by the sudden turn to windy and chilly fall weather.  And oh, that damn infernal two hours of golden light that we’ve been getting all summer in the evening.  It’s enough to make me swoon.

Congrats Dana and Steve!  More to come from this dynamic duo!

Tahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach Retreat WeddingTahoe Beach Retreat Wedding

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Lisetta + Sam

Ciao Bella!

Lisetta and her Italian Family were unparalleled wonders of people full of amore, risata and more than one regina della danza.  Lisetta met Sam and self professed that they “did it all backwards:”  started dating, moved in together, had a wonderful precocious child when after being told she could “never” have children, and then decided to marry.  Their ceremony was intimate and filled with the hilarious tears of their son, who had both me and all of their friends and family in stitches.  He miraculously stopped crying as soon as the ceremony ended.  I loved every minute of it and I foresee plenty of taunting re-tellings in his future of the the story of their special day.

This DIY wedding was a total family affair: pops helped set the tables and decorate the reception area, Sam’s own sister made the cakes and cupcakes (which were divine), and Italy pervaded throughout it all.  From start to finish, I felt lucky to be completely included in this wonderful familiar feeling affair.  I was invited to sit at a table with some of Lisetta’s coworkers and friends and loved hearing stories about how they met and all the traditions they share.

Venue: The Chateau in Incline Village | DJ: Amazing Events | Dress: David’s Bridal | Hair: Sierra Bella Salon |  Makeup: Michaela Scott

Any family who ends their night like this is totally the kind of family I want to photograph.

Tahoe Lakeside portraits

Emerald Bay Elopement | Sunny + Chris

I am not going to lie.

Sunny had me nervous.  She kept forgetting to send her contract.  I still didn’t have it the day before the wedding.  Despite my nervousness, something in my gut told me to just trust it.

I am so thankful I did.

Sunny and Chris had been together for over 9 years when they eloped in Emerald Bay with a small selection of their close family with them.  Their families reside in Elko and they were down to earth, relaxed folks with a bit of  snarkiness in their jokes that I felt immediately at ease with.  After the ceremony I suggested we head down to the Beacon where their family members could imbibe and warm up while we took portraits at an alternate location.  Sunny and Chris had me laughing so hard I could hardly take photos, much less get them looking any less than their natural, gorgeous, happy, laughing selves.

What an awesome afternoon with amazing people.

Sunny and Chris, thank you for making photography a priority for you on your special day.  It was an absolute delight.

Tahoe Beach Wedding Sneak Peek | Lori + Eddie


I have so many unbelievable images from Lori and Eddie’s gorgeous wedding celebration that it was seriously difficult to choose just one to share.  You know what’s even harder not to share?   All the stories from the day that involve how unbelievable awesome this family is, not to mention their friends.

Oh, and one more thing: they had a candy bar.  BOOM!

Tahoe Wedding Photography | Nerissa + JR

You know it was meant to be when the client tells you that they could have let a family member take photos for them, but they “just had a feeling about [you]” as they pour you a glass of wine.

It is clearly a match made in heaven when they ask if you need to leave after your contracted time is up and you joke, “Oh, no, I’ll stay forever once you start giving me wine.”  And they joke back, “Well, you should have told us that earlier!  What did we even pay you for!” 


Nerissa and JR were married in a small ceremony with just family present and I feel honored they choose me to help capture the moments.  Their family is a riot.  Each of the five tiny kids in attendance were completely different characters: a lover, a fighter, a partier, a food connoisseur, and the one and only sassy little lady.  They were all amazing and hysterical kids, with fantastic devoted parents, and best of all doting spoiling loving grandparents.  Their duds for the day did not disappoint: all the boys looked exceedingly dapper.

I loved laughing and hearing family stories about weddings and friends and long lost families reunited from this clan.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the evening or a family more fun to take photos of.  Congratulations to Nerissa and JR – I have no doubt that their life together will be action packed and filled with love.  You can’t escape it with those youngsters at your feet!

Coordinators: 4 Seasons Wedding Chapel | Venue: Logan Shoals Vista Point | Reception: Riva Grill | Wedding Cake: Sugar Pine Bakery 


Secret Beach Tahoe Wedding Photography

For a person who doesn’t want her own wedding, I sure am spending a significant portion of my days looking at wedding photos.

If you are looking to hire a Tahoe wedding photographer for an informal last minute wedding, please, hire me because I have decided that I LOVE them.  None of the pomp, none of the circumstance: just you, your significant other and the people that are most important to you.  It’s not about the style, or the cake, or the flowers, or the cutesy placards you put at people’s tables; it’s about your bond to one another.

Remember that awesome wedding photo I shared the other day of the family running into the lake?

This is their full Tahoe wedding story.

What I admire most about Hope and Kristian is that they recognized what was most important to them was the bonding of their two families and nothing else.

And in the end, they all ran in the lake.

And then they made their daughter repeat her polar plunge because she didn’t get her head wet (they didn’t want her to jinx them).

Laughter, silliness and just being with each other is what this family, their ceremony and their lives will be about and I respect them so much for it.

Dear Hope, Kristian and family, thank you for including me in your day.  I am certain that your lives will be filled with love and happiness.  This was so abundantly clear to me in the hour I spent with you.

Love, L

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A Magical Nevada City Wedding Moment

 As a photographer, I’m always looking to capture that magical moment.  It’s the moment when an emotion freezes in time and you’ve managed to paint a gorgeous picture with one click of the shutter.  All your feelings and memories are wrapped up in a nice tidy package that eloquently conveys everything you remember about what was happening right then.  It’s a perfect emotion.  It’s a job well done.  It’s a feeling of elation.

Sometimes, I set everything up and snap snap snap away and it takes awhile but I know when I press the shutter and look at the screen that I managed to get it.  Nailed it.  But sometimes, in the case of this gorgeous Nevada City wedding photo, I totally don’t realize it in the moment: I move on, not even recognizing that I captured something wonderful and it’s not until much later when I’m sorting through photos that I stop and smile and reflect and see something special and begin to love it.

I had no idea I took this photo when it happened.

This is a magical moment for me.  I like this one.




Reno Tahoe Wedding Photographers, Reno Tahoe Wedding Photography

Tahoe Wedding Photography: Michelle and Adam Sneak Peek


Michelle and Adam are amazing.

I felt so honored when Michelle asked me to photograph her wedding.  I felt even more honored after I watched the celebration unfold  and they and their family welcomed me , joked with me, and generally included me.

It was better than I imagined it to be and totally my style: no fuss accompanied by an intimate gathering that exuded all the love and energy they have.

I’ll tell you all about it when I’m finished editing the photos, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek to tide you over.

Reno Tahoe Wedding Photographers, Reno Tahoe Wedding Photography