Tahoe Family Portraits

Family Portraits in Tahoe | Atalig Family | Sneak Peek

Zephyr Cove Resort continues to be one of my favorite places to photograph family portraits in Tahoe.  The endless options on it’s giant boulders on the beach offer great shade when you need it, new perspectives to keep your creativity fresh, and killer sunsets.  The Atalig family was visiting from the Bay Area and really wanted a wonderful memento of their family vacation and a Tahoe sunset portrait session seemed like the perfect souvenier!

Zephyr Cove PortraitsFamily Portraits in TahoePortraits in Tahoe

Tahoe Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe | Candice | Sneak Peek


Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Candice is a rad senior from the Class of 2016 from a small town in Arkansas.  “I didn’t want photos on train tracks,” she told me.  I agree, girl, I agree.

Clearly, senior portraits at Lake Tahoe is the best place in the US to have your senior photo session!  Two seniors in one week agree!

Here’s another sneak peek from Candice’s awesome Zephyr Cove Resort photos session.  There’s more to come from this rad young lady!

Senior Portraits at Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Family Portraits

Tahoe Family Portraits | Lakeland Village

Family vacation in Tahoe offers the perfect opportunity and reason for a family portrait session.  Macy and her gorgeous family were on vacation at Lakeland Village and wanted to capture their children and grandparents all together while they were here.  Their Tahoe family portraits are gorgeous: filled with blue skies, smiles, lots of hugs and a lemonade break, of course.

Here’s a few of my favorites from their Lakeland Village family photos from our morning on the beach.

Tahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PhotosTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family PortraitsTahoe Family Portraits

Lauren Lindley offers Tahoe portrait sessions that provide you with traditional and candid photos you can’t capture alone with a loud, fun, obstreperous Tahoe local that loves showing off her gorgeous home.  For more information on Lake Tahoe family portraits and pricing, visit this link.