(No Need to Wait Until You Think You Are Perfect!)

A glass of wine (or 3 let’s be real), a super cheesy movie (Pitch Perfect! Acca-believe it!), fantastically comfortable cozy pants and chowing down on takeout from my favorite local Asian restaurant without even remotely considering how many calories are in that deliciously oily eggroll: that’s how I celebrate Friday nights. I turn off all communication with the outside world and take the time to focus on me. My Friday nights have been officially designated self-love time.

Self-love is not just the latest hipster fad. With our 24-hour access to social media and the constant ability to compare ourselves and our bodies to the so-called “perfect” shape or size, it is easy to fall into the trap of the search for perfectionism. However, perfectionism is not the answer. Research shows that people who consider themselves “perfectionists,” tend to also have higher rates of severe illness including; heart disease, fibromyalgia, and depression. On the other end of the spectrum, those same studies found that having more self-love builds resilience and helps us recover more quickly from trauma and negative

Which means the more you love yourself, the more of a resilient and badass woman you are! That badassery is worth celebrating. A massive component of self- love is having a positive body image despite any flaws you think you may have (my thighs happen to love egg rolls, thank you very much!) There are lots of ways to build that positive body image, and one amazingly fun and creative idea is to capture your inner-lioness with a Boudoir photo shoot. Yes, right now. Before you lose that 10lbs you gained last summer and seems to love you so much that you just can’t shake it. Yes, before you grow your hair back to where it was before that mistake of a haircut two years ago, and even before you start dating someone seriously. The way you are right now is perfect. But if there is still a little hesitation, here are three big reasons why you need boudoir photos right NOW!

boudoir mini photography session - Lake Tahoe - Lauren Lindley

Reason # 1: It’s Incredibly Empowering

Most people have something about their bodies that they wish they could fix. Whether it’s their flabby arms or acne prone skin at 35 years old, we all have something. The problem is that we obsess about those things so much, we often forget about all the fantastic things about our bodies. A boudoir shoot captures those beautiful things about you that others see every day, but we may have lost sight of playing the comparison game. My face is my face and although it sometimes makes really ridiculous faces, the people close to me love me for it all the same and I should too.

boudoir mini photography session - Lake Tahoe - Lauren Lindley

Reason # 2: It Helps You Take Ownership of Your Femininity

Ugh, who in this world doesn’t think they get to own a piece of our femininity? Seriously, it gets old. We get sucked into the trap of trying to be the version of feminine some corporation, celebrity or guy on the street thinks we should be, instead of owning it ourselves. Boudoir helps you own your femininity. Based on what you see in ads and everyday life all around you, maybe you have convinced yourself that you don’t know how to be sexy. Well, being sexy doesn’t mean you have to “smile more often,” wear your hair up or put on a pair of stilettos. You decide what sexy is for you. Maybe it’s your amazing laugh, your beautiful curly hair or your strong thighs, built up from years of running cross country or playing soccer that you don’t even think about. Boudoir photos help you see and own your unique brand of femininity.

boudoir mini photography session - Lake Tahoe - Lauren Lindley

Reason #3: Your 60, 70, and 90-Year-Old Self Will Thank You

Your older, even-more- awesome self will celebrate the fact that she can look back on those pictures and have no regrets. She will be grateful that she took the time to celebrate her own body and how strong and confident and bold she was and how it drove her to love herself even more over the years. Your older self will not be bothered by wrinkles because she was empowered long ago to appreciate the skin she lives in and it helped her be comfortable in showing the world her true badassery.

My only boudoir session of 2018 is coming up: Saturday, October 13th 2018. There are a few spots left. You can get more info here or by filling out the contact form.

boudoir mini photography session - Lake Tahoe - Lauren Lindley