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Let’s get down to business!

Lauren Lindley Photography loves helping small and large businesses and entrepreneurs tell their visual stories so they can better connect with their clients.

Content is king, and connections are KEY. People aren’t just interested in what you’re selling, but they are interested in you and why. Let’s show them what you’re about!

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I offer FUN and stress-free photo experiences for businesses. Tell the real story behind your brand and help set it apart from others. We keep things casual, bring out your personality, and create lasting, vibrant, and colorful images that tell YOUR story.

Clients want to feel a connection to the people behind the brand. In today’s Zoom-centric world, updated headshots and lifestyle images are essential and create HUGE engagement and interaction. I know it’s hard to keep up with all the platforms you need to share on, but with some pre-planning, we can get a lot done in a short time, bringing you more bang for your buck, a great return on investment, and the quality images you need for the engagement you desire.

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“TBD Media Clients flourished with the addition of Lauren Lindley’s remarkable content services. Compelling imagery is a must-have in the marketing landscape – no matter your product. Fortunately, for us, Lauren can do it all. Engagement and results were driven by her great work.”

-Cat Sprague, Owner and CEO of TBD Media

Every year, infographic powerhouse Venngage runs an annual survey on visual content marketing. Out of all the types of visual content used by their clients, it should come to no surprise that stock photos performed the worst across the board. What type of content performed the best? Original content!

At the same time 31% of their clients said that the biggest struggle they have producing content is producing it consistently. This is where a marketing content subscription plan comes into play: you can sign up for 6 month or year-long subscription with me to create the content that you need on a consistent timeline.

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What’s it gonna cost?

Business/branding photography sessions start at $1150. An independently booked session will include 2 hours of fun playful images and headshots of you and the activities and things that represent your brand and can include product and lay-flat images as needed.

Examples of what can be done in a two hour stand alone brand marketing session include work I’ve done for Arts and Rec Austin and Seattle Gummy Company.

How to prepare for your branding and headshot sessions
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Need Quarterly Creative Content?

A brand new subscription-based service for companies that routinely need updated content. If you need quarterly creative content for your marketing needs, I have a marketing and lifestyle subscription plan just for you!

6 Month Option: $2000 broken into 4 payments: 1.5 hour initial session with planning and research on our end, and then 3 more sessions over the next 6 months of 45 minutes each with a custom- tailored split between any of the types of imagery you need. Including but not limited to lifestyle, headshots, interiors, organic product photography, and lay flat product photography to tell the brand story. Savings of over 10% from stand alone sessions!

12 month option: $3600 broken into 12 payments of $300/month. This includes four sessions over a year (scheduled quarterly) of two hours each to give you a fresh mix of content, each session of a combination of image deliverables to tell the brand story for each quarter. Deliverables are customized to your business and can include, but are not limited to, lifestyle, headshots, interiors, organic product photography, and lay flats. Savings of over 20% from a stand alone two hour session!

Austin Lifestyle Brand Photography

OKAY, but do you photograph….?

Probably the answer is YES. If you like my feel and style, let’s get talking!

Lauren Lindley is an Austin Brand Photographer that also services Reno/Tahoe and cities nationwide. Happy clients include: The Station House Inn in Tahoe, Tahoe Tastings, Toddy B Realty, Cedarville Winery, June Care Co, Arts and Rec, Harrahs and Harveys Reno/Tahoe, End of Nowhere Winery, Visit El Dorado, and more!