Austin branding photography that helps convey your brand’s story

Branding and lifestyle photography is incredibly important in today’s incredibly competitive market.  Stock photos no longer cut it, y’all. I was recently hired by Seattle Gummy Company, in conjunction with Austin-based marketing agency TBD Media, to capture Austin branding photography and lifestyle images that would help them cohesively tell their brand story through their social media channels.

One of the most important aspects of a branding and lifestyle session is to really identify your target audience, goals and help curate a suite of images that will accurately convey that message to the audience you are trying to reach.  I’m proud that I have repeatedly partnered with

Austin Branding Photographer

TBD Media and their clients on a number of branding photo shoots.  They come to me because I consistently provide the type of imagery and final product that they need and because I do so fast and efficiently on the day of the shoot, maximizing their clients budgets and time to the best of my ability to deliver above and beyond what can be expected in a brief branding session.

For Seattle Gummy Company’s Austin branding photography shoot, we had two groups of models come in highlighting the various athletic activities that their target market enjoys.  Having models wear the brand colors really helps tie their social media efforts together in an incredibly cohesive way.

If you’re ready to tell your brand story, whether it’s through a year long branding partnership with me, or through a one off session, reach out and let’s chat about your needs!