Tahoe backyard wedding

Tahoe Backyard Wedding | Incline Village, NV | Dost + Nick

These two. 

I adore them. 

I’m so thankful to call them friends now.  They love music, and dancing, and laughter, and good food.  They are adventurous, curious and sardonic.  They say yes when I invite them to concerts by bands they’ve never heard of and they invite me to concerts by bands that I’ve never heard of.  They are willing to go to burlesque shows starring my former clients.  They like brunch (but, I mean, never trust a person that doesn’t).  They have some incredible moves on the dancefloor.

Dost and Nick wanted an intimate backyard gathering with their motley crew of far flung friends and family.  Their guest list was as diverse as they are, with folks coming from as far away as Turkey.  They rented a beautiful house directly on the water through VRBO for their Tahoe backyard wedding and as an added surprise, it decided to snow that week.  Bonus: Dost made good use of a thrift store fur coat that was perfect for the occasion, which is to say, it was fucking freezing that day and she had no choice but looked amazing in it.

We were all thankful for the tent and for the best DJ around Dave Berkman, who was willing to completely break down and move mid-day his entire setup inside so everyone could cut a rug the grass in relative comfort while it was 40 degrees out in Tahoe in September.

Dost and Nick have since told me that they were drawn to my work because they loved the way I capture movement and motion, which is something their dancefloor had plenty of!  I’m so incredibly honored to not only have been part of their day, but have new friends also.

Venue: VRBO | Caterers: Carson City BBQ | Rentals: Celebrations Rentals | DJ: Ascent DJ | Bride’s Attire: Maggie Sottero | Groom’s Attire: Paul Smith

Tahoe backyard weddingTahoe backyard weddingTahoe backyard weddingTahoe backyard weddingTahoe backyard weddingTahoe backyard wedding

Tahoe Beach Wedding

Tahoe Private Estate Wedding | Zephyr Cove, NV | Maggie + Joe

It was incredibly difficult to narrow down the photos for this post.  I usually try to restrict myself to just ten photos per blog post, but these two people, along with all the folks around them in their wedding images, hold such a special place in my heart that I simply couldn’t pick only ten.

Joe is overwhelming responsible for teaching me to love Kirkwood and snowsports and powder days.  I often wonder if he knows how empowering he is for the people around him – and girls in particular.  He has an incredibly supportive, kind and bolstering nature when he skies with you that allows you to gain skills, the confidence necessary to pull them off, and have an unbelievably awesome time while doing it.  There have been so many days in my winter life where Joe has possied up with a group of girls and taken us around the mountain, telling us where to jump and where to straight line and where to go fast, with patience, enthusiasm and encouragement.  Not only did he help me fall in love with winter, but he is one of the major reasons I finally fell in love with Tahoe.

Maggie is an effervescent basket of laughter.  She is all smiles and wide eyes and beauty.  She is fun, smart, incredibly beautiful, and has this way of responding in conversations with this perfectly deadpan voice that cracks me up.  It’s so obvious how much she and Joe care for each other – it carries over in their laughter and smiles and the twinkles in their eyes.  And oh, do their eyes twinkle.  Just look at these photos.

My friends are rambunctious, adventurous, obstreperous people with a thirst for life that inspires me on a daily basis.  I love Maggie and Joe and all of them so much – I just want the whole world for all of them.  I want them to be happy, healthy, successful, and to live a life of no regrets because that’s what they inspire me to do.

Mags and Ruckus: send it huge, stay safe and have fun.  Congratulations to you both.

Venue: Private Estate in Zephyr Cove, NV | Caterer: Sonny’s BBQ | Ceremony Music: Lake Tahoe Bagpiper | DJ: Lake Tahoe DJ | Bride’s Attire: Jeanelle Hardin | Hair and Make-Up: DIY | Second Photographer: Annie Robillard 

 Tahoe Private Estate Wedding Tahoe Private Estate WeddingTahoe Private Estate WeddingTahoe Private Estate WeddingTahoe beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe BeachWeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe beach wedding

Lakeside Beach Wedding

Tahoe Spring Wedding | Lake Tahoe, CA | Kerby + Tyler

I texted Kerby two days before her Tahoe spring wedding to ask about the backup location in the event of rain.  “Hi Lauren!” she responded, “So far we are rolling the dice! Unless it’s pouring rain we are sticking it out!”  There was only a 50% chance of light rain during her ceremony time.  I pointed out that meant great odds that she was in the 50% off the lake that didn’t have raindrops at just the right time.  “Positive thinking!” she said.  Our positive thinking won out because it stopped raining just long enough to set up her gorgeous ceremony decor and hold the ceremony.  The minute they kissed, the light pitter patter of raindrops could be felt.  It actually made their wedding all the more picturesque: low hanging fog like clouds gave great contrast to the sky and made for a gorgeous backdrop.  The wedding party held their ground, threw up some umbrellas and didn’t miss a beat while we did photos.  After that, we moved over to the Blue Angel Cafe event loft, where wine flowed, laughter roared and a dance party so epic ensued that the bride ended up with blisters on her feet!  What a wonderful gorgeous wedding with rad people to kick my Tahoe wedding season off with!  Thanks Kerby and Tyler!

Ceremony: Lakeside Beach | Reception and Catering: Blue Angel Cafe | Florist: Friend of the Bride | Hair and Makeup: Friend of the Bride | Bride’s Attire: Occasions | Bridesmaids’ Attire: David’s Bridal

 Tahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingBlue Angel Cafe WeddingBlue Angel Cafe WeddingBlue Angel Cafe Wedding

Lakeside Beach Wedding

Intimate Tahoe Wedding | Alicia + Matt

After quite a few phone conversations, Alicia and I lamented that we lived so far apart because we were all clearly meant to be BFFs forever.  Alicia and Matt believe in all the same things that I believe in: that day drinking is the greatest and that dining out is a vacation activity.

Matt and Alicia desired an intimate Tahoe wedding for their friends and loved ones.  The destination wedding was intended to be shared with only their most special people and they had really expressed how much they wanted the visit to be an shared experience with everyone in attendance, a sentiment that I am quite fond of.  I think that the best part about destination weddings is that everyone there gets to spend so much time with you over the course of the trip that it takes the pressure of the wedding day to try to connect with all in attendance.  Matt and Alicia also really wanted to showcase the gorgeous backdrop that Tahoe has to offer in their portraits and built in time for us to go offsite.  Unfortunately it was incredibly windy that day.  So windy that it was distracting.  I, however, knew just the place to tuck them away into and out of the gales and backlight them with some of that gorgeous golden sun that Tahoe gets in the late afternoon.

Venue: Lakeside Beach | Day Of Coordinator: Destination Tahoe Weddings | Officiant: Rev Ron Sayed | Reception Venue: Montbleu Resort | Invitations: Invitations by Dawn | Florist: Petal Pushers | Catering: Montbleu Resort | Bakery: Montbleu Resort | Bride’s Attire: The Wedding Shoppe | Veil: The Lace Boutique | Groom’s Attire: Michael Kors from Menguin | Hair and Makeup: Tahoe Salon Be

Intimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe WeddingIntimate Tahoe Wedding

Lakeside Beach Wedding

Lakeside Beach Wedding | Matt + Alicia | Sneak Peek


Lakeside Beach Wedding

Have you ever seen anything more adorable?

Seriously.  This couple is so cute, so fun, so easy going and to make matters even better they had the BEST FRIENDS.  I want to keep them all for myself.

Like this one:

Lakeside Beach Wedding

You know you look really good when you get reactions like that.  Alicia was stunningly beautiful.  When she said she wanted retro vintage waves in her hair, I knew exactly who to send her to: my girl Katie at Tahoe Salon Be styled her out and after their small, intimate Lakeside Beach Wedding, Matt and Alicia and I headed over to Rabe Meadows in Stateline for a quick portrait session.  There’s more to come from this rad couple, but in the meantime…

Lakeside Beach WeddingLakeside Beach Wedding

Kiva Beach Wedding

Kiva Beach Wedding | Chantelle + Brandon | Sneak Peek

Chantelle originally contacted me back in February for her destination elopement here in South Lake Tahoe.  She then proceeded to get all of her ducks in a row, everything as organized as possible, and more things done in a mere two months than most of my brides ever manage in the months before their giant weddings.  Although she was organized, what really shined through her coorespondence with me was her shear excitement and giddiness over her nuptials.  After planning a “big wedding,” she and her fiancé decided to scrap the plan altogether and have a small, intimate, destination ceremony with their closest family as witnesses and officiants.  24 hours before the ceremony time, they still hadn’t picked out a location.  I loved it.  In the end, their Kiva Beach Wedding was as beautiful, loving and sweet as the pair of them are and perfectly befitting Chantelle’s benevolent and luminous spirit.

Kiva Beach WeddingKiva Beach WeddingKiva Beach WeddingKiva Beach Wedding

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding | Dana and Steve | Sneak Peek

Dana ordered up a photo booth for her wedding and professed, “I hope it’s the most fun wedding you have all summer!”  Dana and Steve’s Tahoe Beach Retreat wedding was officiated by a hilarious close friend, who knew them well, featured a speech by a groomsman so incredibly funny I could hardly take photos I was laughing so hard, and a dance party that was hardly dampened in the least by the sudden turn to windy and chilly fall weather.  And oh, that damn infernal two hours of golden light that we’ve been getting all summer in the evening.  It’s enough to make me swoon.

Congrats Dana and Steve!  More to come from this dynamic duo!

Tahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach Retreat WeddingTahoe Beach Retreat Wedding

Lauren Lindley Photography Tahoe Destination Wedding

Tahoe Beach Wedding | Published at Borrowed & Blue

Borrowed and Blue is one of my favorite wedding blogs to contribute to.   They manage to keep things fresh with individual blogs for various locations.  This year, they’ve been extra kind to me, publishing me at their Napa wedding blog, their Bay Area wedding blog, and now, for the fifth time, their Lake Tahoe wedding blog.  They always write really fun, kind, complimentary things which gives you extra warm fuzzies inside and their post on Veronica and James last week was no exception.  “LEvery detail from this day was incredible, but what stuck me most of all was the perfect, in-the-moment shots of the couple captured throughout the whole day — they illustrate the love between these two beautifully and showcase the emotion of the day in such an unforgettable way!” they closed with.  I pride myself on my ability to observe and capture the most intimate of candid moments, no matter how big or small the wedding day, and it’s nice to see that goal validated in my work by others.

I’m so honored to have been chosen as Veronica and James’ Tahoe beach wedding photographer.  Now I’m just reminded of how jealous I was of those kids’ converse!

Veronica and James’ wedding, featured on Borrowed & Blue Lake Tahoe.

You can also follow Borrowed and Blue on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

 Tahoe Beach Wedding by Lauren Lindley

Tahoe Beach Wedding

Tahoe Beach Retreat Wedding Photography | Debbie + Mario

The Beach Retreat & Lodge in Tahoe South is one of my favorite wedding venues to photograph at.  They do a especially exceptional job with small and budget weddings here in the Lake Tahoe area.  There are not many venues around here that will accommodate smaller wedding parties, but Lori Cramer and her staff at the Beach Retreat & Lodge are always happy to do so.  In fact, you can host your wedding reception on the longest pier in Lake Tahoe and that’s exactly what Debbie, Mario and their amazing family and friends did!  This was a true DIY wedding: both the officiant and hair and makeup stylist were friends of the bride and groom.

Debbie and Mario were wed in an intimate Tahoe beach ceremony at the lodge on a Saturday morning and promptly followed their ceremony up with a brunch out on the pier.  If you are having a wedding with less than 40 guests, this is a wonderful way to celebrate.  Besides, who doesn’t love brunch!?

Congratulations Debbie and Mario and thank you so much for choosing me as your Tahoe wedding photographer!  I’m so thrilled to have been part of your gorgeous sun filled morning and celebration!

Venue: Beach Retreat & Lodge | Florist: Safeway

Tahoe Beach weddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe beach weddingTahoe Beach Retreat WeddingTahoe Pier Wedding ReceptionTahoe Beach Retreat Wedding PortraitTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier WeddingTahoe Pier Wedding

Tahoe Beach Wedding

Tahoe Pier Wedding | Debbie + Mario | Sneak Peek

Debbie and Mario were married in a small intimate Tahoe beach wedding surrounded by really hysterical friends and family.  They were clearly folks after my own heart (fireball shots and beers were consumed post ceremony).  I’m so happy I was able to be a part of their Tahoe Beach Retreat ceremony and pier wedding reception.

Here’s a sneak peek from their gorgeous bluebird morning.  There’s more to come from this awesome couple!

Tahoe Beach Wedding Tahoe Beach Wedding