I texted Kerby two days before her Tahoe spring wedding to ask about the backup location in the event of rain.  “Hi Lauren!” she responded, “So far we are rolling the dice! Unless it’s pouring rain we are sticking it out!”  There was only a 50% chance of light rain during her ceremony time.  I pointed out that meant great odds that she was in the 50% off the lake that didn’t have raindrops at just the right time.  “Positive thinking!” she said.  Our positive thinking won out because it stopped raining just long enough to set up her gorgeous ceremony decor and hold the ceremony.  The minute they kissed, the light pitter patter of raindrops could be felt.  It actually made their wedding all the more picturesque: low hanging fog like clouds gave great contrast to the sky and made for a gorgeous backdrop.  The wedding party held their ground, threw up some umbrellas and didn’t miss a beat while we did photos.  After that, we moved over to the Blue Angel Cafe event loft, where wine flowed, laughter roared and a dance party so epic ensued that the bride ended up with blisters on her feet!  What a wonderful gorgeous wedding with rad people to kick my Tahoe wedding season off with!  Thanks Kerby and Tyler!

Ceremony: Lakeside Beach | Reception and Catering: Blue Angel Cafe | Florist: Friend of the Bride | Hair and Makeup: Friend of the Bride | Bride’s Attire: Occasions | Bridesmaids’ Attire: David’s Bridal

 Tahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingTahoe Beach WeddingBlue Angel Cafe WeddingBlue Angel Cafe WeddingBlue Angel Cafe Wedding