Harvey's Wedding Chapel

Harvey’s Wedding Chapel | Liz + Tony

To be perfectly honest, I was on Chair Ten at Kirkwood on a powder day when I received a phone call from the concierge at The Landing Resort and Spa.  You see, it was an unexpected powder day.  So unexpected, in fact, that Liz and Tony, who had planned to be wed in an intimate beach ceremony outdoors had to scramble to find a new venue for their elopement.   They settled on Harvey’s Wedding Chapel but unfortunately, the photographer who usually photographs all the ceremonies in the Chapel was on vacation.  Cue a phone call to me: could I be there in an hour?  Yes, I could, but I would be wearing ski clothes.

Liz and Tony were so grateful, ski clothes or not and I am so honored to have been able to get back to town quickly enough to help them out.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from their Tahoe South elopement.

Harvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding PhotographyHarvey's Tahoe Wedding Photography

Harvey's Tahoe Elopement

Harvey’s Tahoe Elopement | Tony + Liz | Sneak Peek

I was on a chairlift at Kirkwood Mountain Resort for what may or may not be the first and last powder day of our ski season when I got a phone call asking if I could photograph a Harvey’s Tahoe Elopement in less than an hour and a half.

I of course said yes.

You can’t get married without a photographer!

Thankfully Liz and Tony didn’t mind when I showed up in my ski gear.

More to come from this gorgeous couple.

Harvey's Tahoe Wedding

Harvey's Tahoe Elopement

Tahoe Gay Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Same Sex Elopement | Published at Simply Elope

Kena and Janara are getting tons of internet love this month!  First thanks to at Equal & Forever last week, which you can see via this link and then again over at Simply Elope.  Simply Elope is a tiny wedding blog devoted to elopement inspiration and real stories for brides and grooms.

You can see the entire post on Simply Elope via this link.

You can also follow Simply Elope on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Tahoe Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Gay Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Shore House Elopement | Published at Equal & Forever

I’m honored and thrilled to have Kena and Janara’s Tahoe Shore House elopement, story, and photos published on Equal & Forever last Tuesday.  One of their photos was used in a national commercial for Freedom to Marry this year as well.  Nearly 44% of the US population lives in a state with the freedom to marry for same sex couples.  That’s a big number, but in my world, it’s not enough.  100% of our population should share the same freedoms that I do.  You can help take action by voicing your support and signing the Freedom to Marry Pledge.

You can read about Kena and Janara’s post and relive the awesomeness at Equal & Forever via this link.  You can also follow Equal & Forever on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and G+.

Lauren Lindley Equal and Forever

Tahoe Gay Wedding Photographer

Tahoe Same Sex Wedding Photographer | Tahoe Vista | Published at GayWeddings.com

Tahoe Gay Wedding Photorapher

Kena and Janara will always remain two of my most favorite and memorable clients.  Kena is silly, spontaneous and had me in stitches and Janara rolling her eyes almost the entire time we spent together.  They were wed in a beautiful elopement at the Shore House in Tahoe Vista under threatening skies that made for an unbelievable photo backdrop that day.  I had to hold off on publicizing their photos because they had a huge wedding celebration on the east coast in May and didn’t want any of their friends and family to see Janara’s gorgeous vintage wedding dress before the big day.

I’m so thrilled for the two of them and hope that they are loving their new life in Texas, where I know they’ll fit right in.  My only questions is, I wonder if Kena has filled the walls of the house yet with the photos from their special day as she blatantly threatened to?

Congrats Kena and Janara and big thanks to GayWeddings.com who did a photo essay on their elopement in their Real Weddings section.  You can view their entire post and all the photos via this link.

Tahoe Gay Wedding Photographer

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Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Zephyr Cove | Roundhill Pines | Summer + Peter Sneak Peek

This is officially the BEST most adorable reaction I’ve ever gotten during a first look.

I love it.

Summer, Peter and their amazing family of boys were a delight to photograph and their Tahoe beach wedding at Roundhill Pines Beach was Pinterest worthy in it’s DIY decor.  I can’t wait to share more photos from my afternoon with them as their Tahoe wedding photographer.

Until then, you can just look at this amazing reaction.

Tahoe Elopement Photographer | Published at Bridal Beauty Blog


It may be the height of summer, but Shelly and Brian’s winter elopement at Emerald Bay just got published over at Bridal Beauty Magazine’s blog!

It’s always nice to get published.   Please show them some social media love: you can see the full post via this link and sharing the post or photos is always a nice gesture for the editor.

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Elizabeth + Joel

Joel and Elizabeth eloped in a destination wedding on the pier at sunset at the Tahoe Beach Retreat this past weekend with their unbelievably cool family.  With four boys and one girl, this combined household is full of awesome energy.  The boys told me that they all have nicknames, including “Snake,” but after I mistakenly (and probably permanently) re-christened Anthony as “Ebony,” I’m 100% positive that the others were quite happy to keep their names to themselves.  They all made sure to make sure that an assortment of “gangster photo poses” were included in the mix, much to mom’s chagrin.

I had such a wonderful hour with this beautiful family.  Congratulations to Joel, Elizabeth and their family.  Thanks so much for choosing Tahoe as your wedding destination.  I’m so thrilled that I could be your Tahoe wedding photographer.

Venue: Tahoe Beach Retreat | Wedding Coordinator: Amanda Mason | Florist: Thran’s Flowers

Tahoe Wedding Photographer | Is it Wedding Season Yet?

If you told me five years ago that my future was to be a Tahoe Wedding Photographer I would have called you crazy. 

If you told me that I would spend a good portion of my work life perusing wedding blogs, and editing photos of cakes, and craving the next opportunity to create amazing images for my clients, I would have laughed you off and toasted to the future. 

But here I am.  In less than three months I will have left my full time job to pursue my future as a Tahoe Wedding Photographer and, eventually, a Destination Wedding Photographer.  I now dream of things like photographing New Orleans Weddings and Wine Country Weddings, allowing me to blend my wanderlust with my job.  If you are close to me or a family member, you know that I moved to Tahoe to work for a Running and Cycling Apparel Manufacturer.   I will no longer remain in my current position as a retail store manager for them after the end of April.  With 18 weddings already under contract for this year, the demand for my services has outgrown my ability to do both jobs well and a job well done is something that I pride myself on.

Thus, it is time for me to move onto something new: something that gives me infinite creative control and challenges.  I will be a full time photographer starting this summer and while my winters will focus on Tahoe Adventure Photography, my summers will focus on Tahoe Wedding Photography.

It’s not so surprising really.  I love weddings.  I spent 10 years throughout college and after staffing weddings of every kind.  I know them intimately: the tips and tricks of the day, the schedule and flow.  I love dance floors and parties.  I love meeting people.  I love observing and waiting and watching.   I love bands and DJs (but not disco).

So here I am, waiting patiently for all the awesome, hilarious, intimate moments that I will capture this summer.  In the meantime, I appeased myself with a whirlwind of photography in Austin for SXSW, where I’ve been for the last two weeks.

I love every second of photographing weddings.  It’s an honor and a thrill.  This summer I have the good fortune of photographing weddings in San Antonio, TX, on the beach in Lake Tahoe, CA, at Vineyards in the Sierra Nevada Foothills and in the Botanical Gardens in Berkeley, CA, just to name a few.  I love winter and skiing but I’m absolutely ecstatic about what my summer has in store for me and the brides and grooms who have contracted me as their Tahoe Wedding Photographer.

Tahoe Wedding Season: I’m waiting for you and I know my brides are too!