Chateau Winter Wedding

Once upon a time (in 2016), in a land far away (Incline Village), Sam and Bree met at the wedding of two mutual friends. Said mutual friends had wanted them to meet for years. They were CERTAIN that Sam and Bree would hit off.

They were not wrong.

In fact, they were so NOT wrong that everyone at the wedding assumed they had been a couple for ages the entire weekend. I took the first photo of them together, ever.  This is that photo.

Years later (2019), Sam decided while visiting the very same friends that he wanted to propose to Bree on top of Cave Rock. We came up with a simple and beautiful plan for sunset. I was there. Bree never even saw me because I’m just that stealthy.

Cave Rock Marriage Proposal

Like many couples, Sam and Bree faced challenges when planning and de-planning their wedding in 2020. Instead of postponing or cancelling, they decided that they would have an intimate ceremony for just immediate family, officiated by their best friend at their beach that has been in their family for generations.  Their Carpinteria Beach micro wedding was relaxed, simple, and full of laughter and plenty of IPAs.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a start of not only their relationship, but their eventual wedding day.  I know that not only have my couples had an incredible and sometimes seemingly insurmountable amount of obstacles in their way this year, as I have had as well. I am so grateful for the people like Sam and Bree, who have trusted me again and again to capture their memories and share their events. It’s an honor and not one that I ever take lightly.