Dancing with the Tahoe Stars

Reaching for the Stars!!

I am happy to announce that I’m going to be starring in winning Dancing with the Tahoe Stars on March 3rd!  I’m the star!!  I look like a star, don’t I? 
Dancing with the Tahoe Stars
Dancing with the Tahoe Stars is the major fundraiser for our local non-profit The Tahoe Arts Project which pairs 10 local stars (that’s me! that’s me!) with 10 professional dancers (my partner, Spencer) who put on a show in order to raise money for the Tahoe Arts Project
The Tahoe Arts Project is a 501c3 non profit that was established in 1987 by a group of parents, professional musicians and teachers to bring performing arts and cultural enrichment to schools in the South Lake Tahoe region in both CA & NV.  TAP reaches over 5,000 students, within 10 schools in El Dorado, Douglas, and Alpine counties of California and Nevada. The artists whom students meet through the TAP programs serve as role models that demonstrate the values of self-discipline and the pursuit of excellence.
The mission of TAP is to provide cultural enrichment and diversity for the community through the arts and education with particular focus on our youth.

As you all know, community involvement is important to me.  In addition, I’ve made it my mission as a business owner to dedicate part of my gross each year to giving back.  In the past three years, I’ve personally donated over $11k to the three non-profits I chose as my beneficiaries: The Baltimore Dance Crews ProjectMary’s House, and Hope Shines.  I’m happy to announce that my 2018 beneficiary is the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe!  
Now I’m asking for YOUR HELP.  Part of my commitment to Dancing with the Tahoe Stars is to fundraise for the Tahoe Arts Project.  Please consider donating in my name today.  Even $5 helps bring the arts to our local schools!  I’ve created a very lofty goal of $10k in fundraising and if everyone I know donates $20 I’ll get there in no time! Because, after all, everyone knows Lauren Lindley, am I right?  
As of today, I’ve already raised over $3k!  I’m almost half way to my goal and I have just under two weeks left!
Thanks so much for your support!  
Sand Harbor Portrait

Sand Harbor Engagement Session | Teddy + Janet

Hidden Beach is one of my favorite locations to take couples for engagement sessions.  As the name implies, the beach is hidden about 1/2 mile south of Incline Village before you get to Sand Harbor. It’s about as close of a feel to a Sand Harbor engagement session as you can get, without the permitting and fees required to shoot at Sand Harbor itself.  With huge rocks, gorgeous trees, and a quiet removed location, you are almost always guaranteed a great sunset and a quiet evening with not a soul around.  There’s a short hike to get to it, but it’s totally worth it!

To round out your evening, start with happy hour over at the Lone Eagle Grille in Incline Village.

Teddy grew up with my “little brother” and is one of his best friends to this day.  He and Janet are both nurses and have big plans to become travel nurses together so that they can see more of the United States after they wed in October.  I’m super thrilled to be their wedding photographer and even more thrilled they spent a week with me vacationing in Tahoe this spring!  We had a blast!

Tahoe Ski Photographer | Moores Visit Tahoe

My friend and best travel partner ever and his daughter came to visit us over the MLK weekend.  M had been begging her dad to see snow for a year, the hilarity being that as soon as they returned home to Austin the temperature promptly dropped into the teens and they announced a Snowpocolypse.  I had already decided that Kirkwood Mountain Resort would offer her the safest and best place to learn to ski over a busy holiday weekend.  On the first day, we placed her in an all day group lesson.  Things were looking dire the first half, but by the end of the afternoon she was shredding Chair 1 with the best of them.

Our 2nd day out, Boyfriend, who teaches ski lessons and coaches the Junior Freeride Team at Kirkwood took M out all day for more lessons.  By our third day on the hill, M was shredding Buckboard on Chair 11 with no problem!  Erik’s only problem now is that he’s going to have to return to Tahoe every year to quench her thirst for snow.

Coming to Tahoe with your family and want a safe, fun, gorgeous environment to learn to ski?  There is no better place than Kirkwood Mountain Resort.  Book a private lesson with Buddy Blackwelder through Expedition Kirkwood for your kids and they’ll be out-chasing you in the pow in no time!  Have a mid-day thirst?  7800 Bar and Grill is where the locals hang out.  The drafts are only $5 and the nachos are extreme and layered with skill: none of this pile of chips with stuff only on the top!    On Saturday nights there is free live music and long time Kirkwood locals staff the joint.

Marginal is the New Epic

I’m taking a cue from my friend Court Brock who has coined a fresh new term for the winter of our discontent: “Marginal is the new epic.”

When I said I was only going to ski instead of snowboard until it really snows, I didn’t know that meant forever.

In the meantime, my buddy Blaine cruised through Tahoe on his way from Canada to Bishop in his killer Sprinter van that I’m super jealz of.  He brought my favorite dog in the world (other than Sierra) with him.  She’s a cuddle machine with Sierra sized personality.

If there had been snow, I probably would have made him go snowboard with me on his visit, but there isn’t so we went to the beach.  It’s like that.  Junuary.

Baby Bro Visits Tahoe

This is my baby brother.

We are total opposites.

He’s a tall; I’m short not as tall as him.  He’s a gym rat; I’m an outdoor enthusiast.  He’s a night owl; I’m a morning person.  He’s eats corn dogs and fast food; I eat quinoa and kale.  He likes professional sports; I like doing athletics.   I’m pretty sure he likes Superman.   I think Superman is the most boring superhero of all time.

We haven’t spent a significant amount of time together since I lived in Texas – probably since the holidays in 2005.  He came to visit Tahoe for the first time this past month and it was so awesome to have him here.

Personal Project: The Adventurers

The Adventurers

is a personal project consisting of portraits of people I meet in my own adventures who, in some way, inspire me, strike me, or surprise me.



Photographed at: my house, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Lives in: Cape Town, South Africa

Occupation: Adventurer

Job Responsibilities include: cycle touring, beer drinking.

“Do you have a beer, man… no, not water, I need a beer!”

Kayden came to stay with us though WarmShowers, a website for reciprocal hosting of touring cyclists.  Kayden is one of the founding members and trustees of Global Wheeling, a South African based charity that focuses on bicycle empowerment and community greening projects in disadvantaged communities.  Kayden’s journey is supported by corporate donors and 100% of all other donations go to the cause.

When Kayden rolled into Tahoe, he had just cycled over Tioga pass to visit Yosemite, Monitor and Luther, as well as spent an afternoon riding through Death Valley at 120 degrees.

Kayden spent three very special, very memorable days with us in total.  He is the Adventurer that trumps all other adventurers.  After years touring the globe on his bike, Kayden will deliver a journal from South Africa to the Burn and this leg of journey will be complete.  Somehow, I just know that Kayden’s journey will never be complete.  His life will be filled with the kinds of adventures that most people cannot even comprehend taking on.  He’s pretty fucking awesome.

Thanks for the stories, the South African Bread and the good times Kayden!  I’m certain our paths will cross again!

You can see more from Kayden’s quick portrait session here.

I encourage you to head to his website and follow his blog and if so inclined, donate to his worthy cause.

Mackinaw Fishing on Lake Tahoe

3:45 am is awfully early for an alarm.

That being said, if you are lucky, you’ll be rewarded with this:

When our friend Julie, who has previously stayed in our home via AirBNB for Phish shows returned to Tahoe on tour this summer, told me she was coming early to go fishing for mackinaw on the lake, I invited myself along.

If you have as great of company as the amazing conversationalist that my friend is, the alarm and early morning drive to meet your Captains on the banks of the lake in Incline Village isn’t quite so bad.

Captain Brad Bugica spends his days as a full time fishing guide and he was fantastic.  In addition to laughing at us while we reeled in our catches from the depths of 400 feet, Brad regaled us with stories of other customers, memorable catches and the history of the area.

Julie hooks her first mackinaw!

It was so gorgeous and amazing to be out on the lake that early in the morning – it was definitely a first for me!  We had fairly moderate temps and a gorgeous sunrise, aided by some smoky haze from fires happening elsewhere in CA.  There were four clients total including Julie and myself.  We were accompanied by an awesome father/son duo who make it a point to go fishing on almost every vacation they go on!  They recently caught a marlin together off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Our new friend hooked his first ever Mackinaw on our trip as well!

At the end of the day, each group walked away with two fish each though sadly, the one that I managed to hook snuck off my line while I was reeling him in!  As Capt. Brad pointed out, “that’s why they call it fishing, not catching.”  Brad cleans and debones the fish right on the boat for you, if you want him to.  The seagulls immediately knew what was going to happen as he brought out the cutting board and a serious fight for the castoffs ensued!  The next evening, Julie, Buddy and I grilled up an amazing dinner of grilled mackinaw, grilled bread and a huge salad that was unbelievable.

Trying to reel in the one that would eventually escape.

Capt. Brad Bugica is a full time fishing guide on Lake Tahoe as well as in Sacramento, the Feather and Klamath Rivers and the Delta.  He was an excellent guide and the entire experience was stellar.  I highly recommend both his services and those of his company.

Book a trip on Lake Tahoe fishing with Brad for Mackinaw through Sierra Fin Addicts.  

If you are interested in hiring Brad in other areas in Northern Ca or for trout fishing on Lake Tahoe, he can be contacted at Salmon Striper Fishing.  

Fish for everyone!

If you would like to see all the photos from our early morning trip on the lake, you may do so via this link.

Backyard BBQ

Two of my friends from Texas came to visit last weekend and I couldn’t have been more excited to see them. We had an amazing weekend together. I was able to take off work the whole time and we skied at both Heavenly and Kirkwood, had leisurely mornings that involved my favorite meal of the day at both the Getaway Cafe and Firesign Cafe, kicked it at the Divided Sky one evening with all of my friends, and ended up at the Backyard BBQ behind our house one afternoon.  Despite the fact that it was a holiday weekend, I knew how to skirt the crowds of tourists and we ended up with very little lift lines, great groomers to play on and I even put on skis one day!  Proof is in the photo!

Afternoon neighborhood BBQ.

Special Christmas Delivery

Santa brought us a shit-ton of white stuff and I don’t mean the kind that the kids at Snowglobe are going to be snorting up their nose this weekend.

There is already so much snow in my yard that the pile is taller than me.  Pretty soon, you aren’t going to be able to see our front door.  I’m not even remotely exaggerating.

We received over five feet of snow in the span of four days and then another two feet or so on Wednesday.  It’s borderline out of control and I love it.  We spent most of the last week enjoying routine powder days like it was no big deal and then spent Christmas Day shredding at Kirkwood with all of our friends.  I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful holiday.  That night we celebrated with a pot luck dinner over at Rose’s house with puppies underfoot and a gift exchange that ended with quite a bit of excitement.

We already have more snow this winter season than we received all year long last season.  WINTER IS BACK.  I am so in love with it all over again that I can hardly ascertain how I managed to make it through last year without this glorious freezing cold white stuff.  It’s SO FLUFFY!

In between all the shredding, Christmas parties, and the retailing of spandex I’ve been doing, we’ve been hanging out almost every night for a week with some amazing Airbnb house guests that I’ve now told are required to be my friends forever.  I haven’t taken many photos over the last week, but here are a few of my favorites.

The Ann Raber Project

I’m not sure how climbing photographers are climbing photographers. This was the most intense and overwhelming set of photos I’ve ever gone through. So many photos. So many faces. So many so many so many and it was only two afternoons of shooting. It took me almost two months to give climbing badass Ann Raber‘s photos the attention they needed and I’m positive they still haven’t received all the time and attention from me that they deserve.

Regardless, here are my favorites from our shoot at Mayhem Cove. Routes include Physcho II (5.12b) and Cajun Hell (a two pitch 5.13a), among others. You may see the entire gallery here.