Kelly has been my best friend since we met in high school. Her mother likes to tell stories about how much ridiculous time I spent at her house as a child watching Buffy and Animaniacs. I have binders full of completely preposterous nonsensical letters passed back and forth in class between us. We were both kicked out of Theology class more times than we can count for using logic and rational thought to intellectually challenge our teacher. I photographed her sister’s wedding and pre-pandemic, every year, Kelly and Katie and I travel to see a musical together.  Kelly was always smarter than me, but watches much more questionable low brow trash on TV than I do. We both attended school at the University of Texas at Austin together, after which I floundered around in the outdoor retail world before becoming a photographer while she went on to become a lawyer, graduating from Northwestern and then eventually, moving onto work for the Texas Second District Court of Appeals and now, the Texas Supreme Court.

Somewhere along the way, Kelly met Andy. Andy is a sommelier who likes to feed us wine and good food and we are never mad about it. He’s an artist and wit and not afraid to break it down on a dance floor or jump out of a moving car. After 7 years together, Kelly and Andy decided to ask Kelly’s former boss and judge to officiate their Fort Worth civil ceremony in the Texas Second District Court of Appeals in Fort Worth, TX. We managed to keep it a secret until the very last second as it was attended by immediate family only and myself, which made me feel very special and as we all know, it’s all about me. It was a wonderful way to start the holiday week and I am overjoyed to see my friend so happy. Kelly and Andy, I love you more than words can describe and I can’t wait to celebrate with you properly with lots of wine and preferably in a foreign country.