It’s no surprise that couples who have moved (either by law or by choice) their wedding dates are looking to elopement and microwedding options, especially around Lake Tahoe. Still not sure what’s the best fit for your day? Here are some tips for planning your elopement or micro wedding, whether you’re planning far ahead or scrambling last minute.

Lake Tahoe Micro Wedding
Intimate Backyard wedding

The Microwedding

By definition, a microwedding is a wedding with no more than 50 guests. Guests typically include close family and friends. Microweddings are quite common around here, and were popular well before the pandemic decided to show up and foil plans. They’re becoming popular again as couples have to cut down guest lists (sorry, Aunt Brenda).

Tahoe Elopement Packages

But just because microweddings have smaller guest lists than traditional weddings, doesn’t mean couples aren’t shelling out for a lavish occasion. Think: With a limited guest list, you may finally be able to afford that open bar, morning-after group brunch, or special guest favors.

If details matter to you and your fiance, but you’re balling on a budget, a microwedding might be the way to go. Read my post on downsizing your plans without downsizing your expectations to prepare for your microwedding planning (or re-planning) process.

The Elopement

Different than most other weddings (including microweddings), elopements are typically unplanned or last-minute, intimate wedding ceremonies, where only the couple and officiant are present. More recently, elopements have slightly grown to include one to ten immediate family members or close friends. The beauty of being a Lake Tahoe elopement photographer is experiencing the simplicity of love without the stress and chaos of several vendors and guests.

Cave Rock Elopement
Lake Tahoe Elopement Packages
Lake Tahoe Elopement Packages

In pandemic times, elopements have become increasingly planned, but this doesn’t take the magic out of elopements. And eloping doesn’t have to be the end of the road if you’re set on having a traditional wedding with tons of family and friends. I’ve been a part of elopements where the couple has a “sequel wedding” planned. That is, full-out traditional wedding plans for when it’s safe to do so. For now, elopements provide an opportunity to legally marry your person without the wait.

As far as budget, for elopements, you’ll need to consider the cost of (not limited to) a wedding license, officiant, and photographer. Many elopers choose second hand suits and dresses, and DIY florals to save money on the occasion. Check out my elopement packages to see important considerations and my favorite Lake Tahoe elopement locations.  Book now and save: a lot of local venues, like Tahoe Basin Events, are running elopement specials due to the pandemic.

Lake Tahoe Elopement Packages

Whether you’re planning a Lake Tahoe microwedding or elopement (yes, there’s always some planning involved), I’ve got customizable photography packages to suit your needs. Reach out to me, and let’s talk about how I can capture your day!