A lot of mountains had to be moved for Jenny and Tom’s Covid affected Martis Camp elopement slash micro-wedding to happen. The largest of which was that Tom’s parents live in Israel and were worried about being able to attend at all, despite the fact that the were both vaccinated last December. Tom’s father spent the entirety of his pandemic life training to ride his bicycle around Lake Tahoe.  I am happy to announce that they were successful!  Jenny’s parents, siblings and cousin were also in attendance to round out this charming and hysterical afternoon.  I made them move the ceremony site twice (not charming, sorry y’all) but I’m happy with the final decision making (charming). The wind was raging (hysterical, not charming).  It knocked over the decor mid-ceremony.  Jenny’s brother had swapped jackets with his future brother-in-law and didn’t have the ring (both charming and hysterical).  There was home made egg rolls by Jenny’s mother, macaroons and really delicious French champagne. It was an absolute joy spending an hour with this group for their Martis Camp elopement.

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