There was a period of my business life when I was so in the weeds that I couldn’t blog and this Georgetown Milestone wedding was a casualty of that period.  I’m pretty sure there were a few years there where I didn’t blog…. like ever. There was a period of my business life where I was so in the weeds that almost everything on the admin side of my life got shoved off, permanently. There was a period of my business life where I didn’t actually take care of myself, or feed myself, or exercise myself, or water myself, and things like this were perpetuated. I can say with 269% certainty that I learned a lot of lessons the last 10 years the hard way and that I no longer behave so poorly to myself.  It’s amazing what happens when you make sure that you are well rested, exercising, socializing, eating, and sleeping properly: you become more creative, you become more productive, you become better at managing stress. AMAZING. It’s like a goddamn miracle except that it isn’t and it’s common sense and we still don’t always follow it.

Regardless, here’s one of my favorite weddings of all time from a few years ago.  I met Tashara when we were both volunteering at SXSW years and years ago. I eventually hired her to be my website copywriter for a few years. She hired me to photograph her Georgetown Milestone wedding. Now they have a beautiful child and are happily still living in Austin, TX and it feels like a breath of fresh air and vibrant color to revisit their central Texas hill country wedding today!

Tashara and Alvin’s Georgetown Milestone wedding in the hill country outside Austin, TX was a full family affair. There were children underfoot at any moment (a photographer’s dream – just look at the photos we captured of them!). Aunts and uncles pitched in at every opportunity. Their guests were as colorful, vibrant and beautiful as Tashara is (and, I would find, Alvan is).  I had lovely help from my friends Lisa and Ilana, who are always amazing to have on hand.

This venue is absolutely BEAUTIFUL as well: it’s a modern, bright and airy farmhouse perched above the San Gabriel River.

Venue: Georgetown Milestone | Bishop: LA Wilkerson | Invitations: Mixbook | Bakery: Kiss My Cakes | Catering: Chef Vi Catering | DJ: DJ Steady B | Wedding Attire: Signature Bridal and Jos A Bank | Wedding Party Attire: Jim’s Formalwear | Makeup: Nia Ford | Hair: TNL Salon | Videographer: Martin Ramos | Sassy Second Shooting provided thanks to Lisa Hause Photography and Ilana Natasha Photography