Picking photos to print

Whether you’re looking at a digital gallery I just sent your way or through your phone’s neverending camera roll, these three tips will help you choose the best photos to print:

1. Go with your gut. 

You’re flipping (or scrolling) through your gallery and there’s one photo that keeps catching your eye. Ding ding ding. The photos that stick out to you will likely stick out to other people, too. Just like with clothes, if you’re not completely in love with it, don’t do it. You’ll think about that one thing that’s just not quite right every time you pass the photo.

How to pick the best photo prints

2. Be choosy.

If there are several frames of the same shot, look for the one with the most appealing lighting. If there are people in the photo, check to make sure everyone’s eyes are open, and be considerate of insecurities: if you know your mom thinks her nose is big—even though it’s definitely not—keep away from photos where she’s standing profile. 

3. Tell your inner critic to shut up.

Seriously. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Tell it to shut up and that there is no such thing as a “perfect” photo, only ones that are perfect for you. (See number one).

Tahoe family photographer

Pick the place

Once you decide where your prints are going to live—a gallery wall in your living room, in a frame on your office desk, or in an album or photobook, then you can better envision which ones make the most sense to print.

How to pick the best photo prints

Your vibe matters, too. If you’re thinking about creating a gallery wall for your living room or staircase, opt for more personal, even silly photos of yourself and family.

If you’re the serious type, choosing detail photos (close-ups and landscapes) gives a more polished, editorial feel. Want to include your pets and little ones in your office? Consider black-and-white images, which feel professional, yet personal.

Tahoe family photographer

Gallery walls

If your plan is to create a gallery wall, you don’t necessarily want a bunch of prints from the same photo session right next to each other. Choose 1-2 favorites from several sessions and sprinkle in photos from vacations, trips, and even everyday life. Purchasing a few print options at once makes it easier to switch out photos during a new season (or if you’re bored). Once the prints arrive, lay them out on the floor and take a bird’s eye view. Your gallery wall doesn’t have to “fit” perfectly: abstract and detail photos bring visual interest.

Not feeling the creative juices to design your own gallery wall? Never fear: Framebridge is here and has done all the hard work for you!

Albums and photo books

Photo albums are an optional add-on for all of my sessions: weddings and engagements, family, high school seniors, and commercial branding. When you purchase the add-on, you’re saving yourself tons of time organizing, culling, choosing photos, and designing the layout of the book. All albums I create are printed and bound on professional quality paper and shipped right to you. This saves you tons of time (especially if you’re indecisive). 

How to pick the best photo prints

If you’re the DIY type, I recommend the following sites to create your own albums and photobooks:

Artifact Uprising: for fancy, coffee table layflat albums and colorful photo book series

Mixbook: for user-friendly, without the frills photo book creation

Chatbooks: for fun, easy as it gets mini photobooks (it has an app that connects directly to your social media)

Keep an eye out for limited-time print discounts and sales I run throughout the year!  Albums make GREAT Christmas gifts for the folks you love!