Much like myself, Kerry and Patrick LOVE to travel and genuinely love to experience other cultures and all the world has to offer.  I have a question on my contact form that asks everyone what their favorite travel destination is, partially because I’m curious and partially because it weeds out the people who I shouldn’t waste my effort and time on (they are always the ones that don’t answer).  When Kerry wrote me, she sent an entire paragraph about their favorite places.  His: London.  Hers: the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Throughout their years dating, Kerry and Patrick spoke many times about traveling to Vegas together and everytime it came up, Kerry always joked, “don’t take me to Vegas unless you plan on coming home married!”

Flash forward a few years and they started to talk about their wedding plans.  They both agreed that eloping made sense for the sake of keeping it very intimate and personal to them without any family pressure or drama.  It would allow them to throw one “hell of a party and not worry about any of the logistics of actually getting married because we will already have done it.”

Lo and behold, that’s where I come in.

Patrick’s brother is my friend John.  John is married to my friend Katie, who is also the sister of one of my very best lifelong friends, Kelly.  Keeping up?  Obviously, because we all love travel so much AND I had met Patrick previously at Katie and John’s wedding, Kerry and Patrick reached out to see if I would join them as their Las Vegas elopement photographer.

Their plans were the perfect Las Vegas Elopement plan.  If you’re going to get married in Vegas, Kerry and Patrick decided, it feels absolutely necessary to have Elvis do perform the ceremony, of course. They then took it a step even further and decided to elope at The Little Church of the West, which is the one Elvis actually has been inside (it’s in Viva Las Vegas). The catch? They won’t let outside photographers without an astronomically high fee (though fair warning, they charge almost the same astronomically high fee for their TERRIBLE house photographer’s photos and they were absolutely terrible).

This is where moi, the Las Vegas Elopement photographer comes in: we came up with a plan for me to join them before and after their ceremony (and moonlight as their witness) to capture quality images of their evening together. I had the best time romping around the strip with this incredibly fun couple that I now consider friends and I can’t wait until we can all travel together again!