Dripping Springs, located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, is a perfect destination wedding location and one that I personally would love to visit more often! From breathtaking natural beauty to top-notch wedding venues and accommodations, and a wealth of breweries, wineries, and distilleries, Dripping Springs has everything you need to make your wedding a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests, whether they are coming from Austin or farther. This past fall, I was honored to second shoot a Lucky Arrow Retreat wedding with my friend and frequent associate Lisa Hause. We both fell head over heels for this incredible wedding venue just outside of Austin, TX.

I have yelled it from the tops of the treetops multiple times, but y’all know that I LOVE summer camp weddings!  A Lucky Arrow Retreat wedding is absolutely PERFECT if you want the perfect place for an upscale summer camp-themed event. All caps. Full stop. First of all, there are sprawling green lawns, towering oak trees, and a stunning lake for swimming which lends the venue a rustic outdoorsy feel that transports you right out of the gate.  There is a POOL, a game room, and a large rooftop deck to watch the sunset from for some less rustic and more refined relaxing. There are summer camp activities: kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, and yes, even archery because, after all, this IS Texas.

The Lucky Arrow Retreat has a variety of accommodation options for your guests to stay on-site the entire weekend: comfortable, well-appointed cabins, glamping tents, and more.  I don’t normally include detail shots in my blog posts but this couple FULLY embraced the summer camp vibe and they simply had to be included just to give you the full picture of summer camp wedding awesomeness.

This wedding was second shot by me for photographer: Lisa Hause Photography

Venue: Lucky Arrow Retreat | Coordination: Elegant Edge Events | DJ: Top Coin Events | Hair and Makeup: ATX Glam | Florist: HEB Blooms

Why visit Dripping Springs and what exactly is it?

What in tarnation is Dripping Springs you may ask? Dripping Springs is a small city located in Hays County, Texas. Founded in 1857, the town was named for a natural spring that “dripped” water into a nearby creek. It actually boasts one of my old favorite Austin haunts, Hamilton Pool Preserve which is now a bit too over-touristed to visit routinely, and my old stomping grounds and the place that I learned to rock climb, Reimer’s Ranch.  Back when I was a kid [insert curmudgeonly grumpy face here] Reimer’s was actually still privately owned and now boasts just shy of 2,500 acres of parkland, climbing areas, swimming, and mountain biking.

Today, Dripping Springs is becoming incredibly well known for its transformation into a wine and distillery destination. In 2005, a group of winemakers founded the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail. This association aimed to promote Texas wines and encourage visitors to explore the region’s wineries.

Around the same time, a group of entrepreneurs recognized the potential for distilleries in the area. They formed the Texas Distilled Spirits Association, which advocated for the creation of new laws that would make it easier for craft distilleries to operate in Texas. In 2007, the Texas legislature passed a bill allowing distilleries to offer tastings and sell their products on-site, allowing small distilleries to establish a presence and attract customers. Today, thanks to all of these developments, Dripping Springs offers a fantastic location full of incredible opportunities for visitors and wedding guests alike, whether you are visiting for just a weekend getaway or a longer trip to Central Texas.

Reasons to hold your destination wedding in Dripping Springs, TX

  • Natural Beauty: Dripping Springs boasts some of the most stunning views in all of Texas thanks to it’s rolling hills, expansive green spaces, and dramatic cliffs. Much like the backdrop in this Lucky Arrow Retreat Wedding, these are the very same incredible assets that create the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception.  The weather is mild in the fall and spring and, as a bonus, the wildflowers bloom like nobody’s business in the spring. Whether you prefer an outdoor ceremony surrounded by nature or a reception with panoramic views of the Texas Hill Country, Dripping Springs has it all.
  • Easy Accessibility: Dripping Springs is conveniently located just 25 southwest of Austin, which makes it an easy central location for folks with lots of family members in all the major Texas cities, but also conveniently accessible to a major airport. We all know that summer is NOT the time for a Texas wedding, so plan your event for the fall and let your family and friends take in the wealth of attractions and options that central Texas, and Austin specifically, has to offer.
  • Great dining, nightlife, breweries and wineries: A visit to Dripping Springs isn’t complete without popping into Deep Eddy Vodka. For those wine lovers out there, you’ll want to explore Fall Creek Vineyards, Bell Springs Winery and the Driftwood Estate Winery. For the beer lover, no stop in Dripping Springs is complete without a visit to Jester King Brewery!
  • Variety of Venues: Ok, I’m not going to lie, Dripping Springs might be a bit over saturated at this point with wedding venues. That’s a bonus for you though because even if you don’t want to hold a Lucky Arrow Retreat wedding, you have your pick from a wide variety: from rustic barns to elegant ballrooms to just about everything in between. Whether you’re looking for an intimate ceremony with just a few close friends and family or a grand celebration with hundreds of guests, there’s a venue that can accommodate your needs. Some popular venues include The Terrace Club, The Addison Grove, and Ma Maison.