Once upon a time, I sold spandex. I had some really amazing co-workers that I am still friends with today. I have photographed my co-workers families, and in a few cases, their weddings and their children’s weddings.  Jacquie is no exception to this situation and when I was in Bend, OR photographing her daughter Stormie’s senior session for her graduation photos, Jacquie (or Jax, as we’ve always called her), told me a tale about falling in love with one of her oldest nearest and dearest friends.  She and Doug have been best friends for DECADES and realized right before the pandemic started that they had feelings for each other.

Jax and Doug just wanted to get on with it already and get married – they just knew that this was IT.  Like many Covid couples, they faced a number of problems planning a wedding and their plans took many iterations.  The date changed a few times, the plans changed a few more times: a relaxed outdoor micro-wedding and family style dinner in Bend, OR got moved to Arizona with immediate family only. Eventually, they settled on an intimate Sedona elopement and just as expected, just getting married brought them all the joy and happiness I expected it would.

The day was relaxed and simple. We ordered food to go from nearby restaurants. The bakery forgot to fill the cake order and there was a scramble to get a replacement made (thank you Whole Foods).  There was laughter and tears and I feel really lucky to have been part of such a beautiful small intimate event. At every turn of the day, there were hilarious and unique surprises on both sides of the event: from the couple themselves for each other, to their family members, who brought out some touches that were a total surprise for both Jax and Doug! I am lucky to have Jax in my life, and her incredible sassy and whip-smart daughter Stormie, and now, Doug.

Here’s a few of my favorite images from their Sedona elopement.