Like many this year, Joe and Jolie’s wedding plans went through many different iterations. When their VHR that they were using as their venue cancelled on them at almost the last hour, they scrambled to find a new location. When their far flung family members insisted at the last minute that there must be a zoom live stream, a slight technical hiccup threw a wrench in their plans. When their morning ran late and not on time, Jolie simply shrugged and said with a smile, “I just want to get married!” Despite the fact that many of their family members weren’t able to be present at their private and intimate Tahoe backyard microwedding, Joe and Jolie weren’t alone. They were surrounded by some VERY dedicated friends: friends who drove 20+ hours through the night to be there for them, friends who rearranged their leaves from the armed forces to be there, friends who flew across the country for just a few days to celebrate with them, friends who flew parents across the country to babysit so they could be present, friends who just laughed in disbelief when the toilet overflowed and flooded the ground floor during their ceremony and then grabbed some towels and just took care of it. Friends who showed up.

It is incredibly clear to me, after listening to the very same very dedicated friends talk about this duo that they are deserving of all the love, warmth and generosity that surrounded them on their wedding day.  Joe and Jolie are smiling and affable, easy going and spirited.  They like to have a good time and even an overflowing toilet wasn’t going to put a damper on their day.

And to me, Jolie simply exclaimed, “I know I’m tiny but I’m currently your biggest fan!” Same girl, same.

Venue: Private Estate in Lake Tahoe | Bar: Shine Bar Catering | Hair and Makeup: The Impossible Beauty | Bakery: Flour Girl Wedding Cakes | Florist: Twine and Dandy | Zoom/Streaming: Lake DJ | Officiant: Your Memorable Day