Woah.  Did Brad Paisley ever throw me for a loop.  The stage, which is always the same massive set up at the Harvey’s Outdoor Amphitheater, was completely and totally different for this show.  Where there is normally a nice long photo pit, there was none.  Where there normally is a nice long walk way, there was none.  Where there is normally wide open dance floor, there was a long semi circular stage extension with a walking path into the crowd and no way to cross back and forth quickly from one side of the stage to the other.  The end result: pick a side of the stage and hope for the best.

I didn’t take my wide angle this time which I immediately regretted, even though it’s usually not fast enough for concerts, the lights were exceedingly bright on this show and it would have worked.

I picked the wrong side of the stage for Paisley but managed to get one shot that I’m proud of.


Here’s a few others from the evening that include opening bands Lee Brice and Chris Young.  You can check out all of my photos from the night over at the Tahoe South Flickr Page.