August 12th was the second in a series of three kids’ triathlons being held here in South Shore. My camera and I went out to cheer on the kids and my future customers in the first one and I had such a blast supporting the event that I went out again. I got a bit of a late start that morning and missed the Five and Under start and the group talk, which yielded some fantastic shots the last time. I did get quite a few I’m happy with and was the official finish line photographer. Congrats to all the kids who competed! They had almost 1/3rd of the competitors attend from outside the Tahoe community! Awesome!

This post features just a few of my favorite photos from the morning. You can find the rest here. If you are a parent and I photographed your child being awesome, you will find them available to download through the link.

Little tykes cheer on their older sisters.

There was an accidental and hilarious mass start of both older groups of kids.

Girls duke it out on bikes!

Getting ready to head out on the run.

This kid is pumped!!

Huge race to the finish line!

Post Race Paddleboarding.

The youngest age group winner! I think he is three!