If your current headshot is your college graduation photo or a poorly cropped photo from your cousin’s wedding three years ago, it’s time for an update. Before you pull out the pleated khaki pants and shoulder pads, take inventory. What are you trying to convey? Where will this photo be used? What kind of first impression are you wanting to make? Here are five looks to spark outfit inspo for your next branding or headshot session.

The power move

Worn for every interview you’ve been on, this look says, I’m responsible af (or at least I look like it). A comfortable and clean tailored blazer or LBD in black, white, or neutrals. A classic look that makes you feel like you can confidently command a room. For low-key boldness, add flair with socks or a colorful, patterned liner.

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The trendsetter

You’re the fashionable friend, the one whose clothes everyone borrows but for some reason, no one ever returns. If this is you, you’re most comfortable when you’re standing out from the crowd. Taking fashion risks and totally rocking them. Think fun textures (like velvet suits), spunky shoes, or layering several looks to add visual interest. I recommend Rent the Runway for trendy pieces that you can wear without spending a fortune. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to try outfits on in case you need to switch out sizes.

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The Elle Woods

Save black, white, and neutrals for the courtroom (unless you’re Elle Woods, of course). You can incorporate pops of color without looking too trendy. Think, a timeless color block suit, an heirloom accessory, a bold lip color. If you’re nervous to go outside of the box, try a deep jewel tone blouse or tie that compliments your hair color (emerald for red hair, plum for dark hair, and garnet for blondes).

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The techie

If you’ve been to the Bay Area, you’ve seen the look. Jeans, crew neck sweater or simple button down, funky socks, and usually, Allbirds or tennis shoes. The techie look says, I’m casual but know how to turn on “professional” when it matters. It says, I’m comfortably confident in my abilities so much so that I don’t need to dress up. If you do want to dress it up, choose colored jeans or nice shoes.

The outdoorsy

Find that Columbia pullover and Patagonia beanie. This look is for the outdoors-loving tour guides, environmentalists, and the C-suite executives who enjoy being casual. It says “I’m ready for anything” and work-life balance is imperative. Y’all are my people. Grab your best hiking outfit and let’s get outside.