It’s been an emotional year and I have to say, it’s been quite possibly my most favorite year of work as a wedding photographer ever. Every single of one my major weddings so far in 2020 has been ones that were rescheduled or postponed due to covid. Every single one of them has been an exceptionally unique, boisterous and otherwise joyous celebration in every way, from Anna and Harrison’s rainy day in New Orleans, to Whit and Steve’s raucous Burning Man inspired lawn party, to this one, they have each brought an unforgettable experience to my life and to the lives of the guests in attendance.  Abby and David’s Woods Walk wedding in Crested Butte, CO was nothing short of spectacular and equally memorable. Maybe it’s the collective trauma that we all have moved through, maybe it’s the gratitude that we have for being together, maybe it’s that the couples who made it through the pandemic and still want to dedicate their lives to each other and it fills the rest of us with joy and hope.  I think it’s a bit of all of these reasons.

Abby and David’s story is unique and I’m not going to completely rehash it here because it was written up as a fantastic feature in the New York Times by Jenny Block (thank you Jenny!).  The short of it, however, is that Abby and Dave chose Woods Walk in Crested Butte for their wedding site because it is beloved by his family, and in particular, Dave’s late mother Bonnie.  Every year, they traveled as a family that very weekend to enjoy the wildflowers of Crested Butte.  When Bonnie passed away, the family returned in July of 2017 to spread her ashes so that she could always be in her favorite place.  When trying to decide on a wedding venue, Abby and Dave were waffling between many locations before it finally occurred to them to hold it in Bonnie’s special place so that she too could watch over the wedding.

The day was exactly what Abby and Dave wanted: a languid afternoon spent running around town taking photos with their friends, a simple ceremony officiated by Dave’s brother, the inclusion of their dog Rory (he was the ring bearer and I took WAY too many photos of him), and ultimately, a rowdy dance party with lots of tequila and tacos.  Dave and Abby met dancing, they’ve spent a significant portion of their lives on dancefloors (because of him) and they (*ahem he*) danced the night away in a ridiculously jubilant but heartwarming way.

Just so that you REALLY understand how much Dave likes a good dance party, I have a story for you.

There was one point in the evening where Lisa, my second photographer and one of my closest friends and colleagues, had gone outside with Abby and her girlfriends to take some photos for them. She returned back inside to collect Dave because Abby wanted a photo with the reception venue’s tourist cutout board. Dave was rocking out on the dancefloor and told Lisa that he couldn’t leave because, “This one’s MY FAVORITE!” When Lisa reported this to Abby she just rolled her eyes and responded, “EVERY song is his favorite.”

Don’t worry y’all.  She did get her photo.

I would also like to give a very special shout out to Trevor who, while drunk, managed to take my camera, use back-button focus correctly, and take a photo of Lisa and I on the dance floor together.  Trevor, you da man and thus far, the only wedding guest in the history of ever to grab my camera and take an in-focus image. Three claps for you.

Abby and Dave, never stop dancing together.  Thank you so much for sharing your day with Lisa and I.  Every time she works a wedding with me, she Lisa gushes about how I have the greatest wedding clients in the world.  And I do.

Ceremony Venue: Woods Walk | Florist: Fin+Ally Floral | Hair: New Moon Salon | Makeup: Natalie Duke Beauty | Reception Venue: Bonez | DJ: DJ Ripm | Couple’s Attire: LUV Bridal and J Crew and Tie Bar |  Bakery: Nothing Bundt Cakes | Second Photography thanks to: Lisa Hause Photography