Empire Mines Wedding

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Holy wedding season Batman!

The fall is wrapping up and I have to admit: I’ve been swamped.  September and October were my busiest months.  Thank you SO MUCH to my amazing patient clients who have all been waiting on their images.  What an incredible year I’ve had so far!  I’ve photographed 36 weddings so far this year and 14 of those were in the last two months.  In the meatime, somethings have fallen to the wayside, like my normally proflific daily blogging and sharing of published work.  Here’s a few things I’ve missed in the last two months while I’ve been so slammed!


Mo and Adam and their kick ass Celio Ranch wedding in South Lake Tahoe was snapped up by the amazing Lydia over at Ever Ours.  I’m so sad that the end of the year will also mark the end of Ever Ours, a wonderful wedding blog that celebrates photography and moments over details.  If you know about another wedding blog as awesome as hers that can fill those (very large) shoes, please let me know!

Tahoe Ranch Wedding published at Ever Ours

Borrowed & Blue San Antonio

Borrowed & Blue has been one of my favorite wedding blogs for quite some time.  They never complain that there’s not enough details for one, but they also seperate their blog into US cities.  When they opened up a San Antonio version of their well known site, I was quick to send over Jimmy and Karlie’s 2014 destination wedding to them.  It went up a few weeks back and it’s so fun to relive their awesome day.  Jimmy and Karlie just welcomed all 8lbs 2oz of Natalie, the newest addition to their family last week.

San Antonio Wedding published at Borrowed & Blue

The Daily Dog Tag

The Daily Dog Tag is an awesome little blog that I recently discovered that focuses on professional photography that involves dogs, adoptable pets around the country, and artful and unique products.  They published the first in a series of sessions with Schnoll Family and are excited to post follow-ups with the newest member of their family, Jack.  I just recently photographed Jack’s 6 month session, so you can imagine how long ago this one was!  Regardless, big thanks to the Daily Dog Tag for the family photography internet love.

Published work from Lauren Lindley at the Daily Dog Tag

Love and Lavender

I’ve wanted to get a feature on Love and Lavender for ages, but I’ve never had anything quite romantic or whimsical enough for this wonderful wedding blog that focuses on inspiring, magical and rustic outdoor weddings.  I knew that David and Emily’s Empire Mine State Park wedding was the perfect fit for them and it was published last week on their site.

Lauren Lindley Photography published at Love and Lavender


I’ve had so many wonderful experiences with clients I’ve discovered on Thumbtack.  Not only did Thumbtack take me to visit the White House in Washington DC last January (something I’ve yet to blog about also), but I managed to grow my business and turn it into a full time position for me in very few years thanks to them.  I used to mentor photographers new to the Thumbtack platform, but gave it up when they changed the program and I was no longer helping just other photogs.  Helping other photographers is incredibly rewarding: frankly I wouldn’t be where I am today without a lot of help from a lot of other people.  Thumbtack asked to interview me a few weeks ago after catching site of a blog I wrote about how to be successful on Thumbtack for photographers and I readily agreed.  You can see the full post via this link.

Lauren Lindley Thumbtack tips for pros

White Sparrow Barn Wedding

A White Sparrow Barn Wedding | Teddy + Janet | Sneak Peek

I’ve been looking forward to Teddy and Janet’s wedding ever since they traveled to Tahoe last summer to visit and take engagement photos with me.  They picked an amazing, fairly new venue, an unbelievably fantastic rustic barn in Quinlin, TX, just outside DFW, for their White Sparrow Barn wedding.  They really wanted a big boisterous epic party and I knew they could bring just what they desired to their evening.  I have to admit, I was woefully underprepared for what was to come at Teddy and Janet’s wedding day and to be honest, I think they were as unprepared as I was!  Teddy’s family is large and hails from Liberia, Africa and even Teddy wasn’t sure how many of them were going to be in attendance.  Over 200 wedding guests later, half of which were clad in beautiful and bright traditional African wedding attire, I came away with some amazing photos and a strong need to drink a beer.   That being said, what seemed chaotic and disorganized while I was standing in the middle of it, went off in a wonderfully planned day that went exactly as it should have and insanely delicious food, all prepared by Teddy’s mother and her church group.  The end result is going to be some wildly colorful wedding photos for this adventurous loving couple, but since I’m buried under editing, they probably won’t be ready until Thanksgiving week.  Until then, here’s a few more than I normally share to hold you over.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part: there should be no age limit to being a flower girl.  Grandmothers as flower girls may just be the best thing ever.

White Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn WeddingWhite Sparrow Barn Wedding

Denton Texas Wedding

Little Chapel in the Woods | Denton | Rachel + Mark | Sneak Peek

Because dinosaurs.

I knew Rachel and Mark were my people because dinosaurs.

“We’re supposed to have a wedding theme,” Rachel told Mark after researching wedding planning on wedding blogs.  “A theme?” Mark was confused.  “Like dinosaurs?”

And so it began.

And so their wedding was dinosaur themed.

And so I love them.

Also, we went museuming when I met them in Dallas and eat Tex-Mex.

Rachel and Mark were wed at a small intimate ceremony at the Little Chapel in the Woods at TWU in Denton, TX and I can’t wait to share more photos from their awesome evening.

Little Chapel In the Woods WeddingLittle Chapel in the Woods WeddingLittle Chapel in the Woods WeddingDenton Texas Wedding PhotographyDenton TX Wedding PhotographyDenton TX Wedding Photography

Downtown Dallas engagement photos

Downtown Dallas Engagement Session | Mel + Michael

My cousin Melanie and her fiance Michael met and both graduated from Texas A&M University, where she recently graduated with a Doctorate in Veterinary Sciences (we are all very proud of her).  They now reside in Dallas, TX and I was super excited to drag the two of them all over the city for their downtown Dallas engagement session!  We started out at the super rad Texas Truckyard, partly because I believe that every engagement session should start with adult beverages, but also because the location looks bright, vibrant and full of awesome textures to photograph against!  With an airstream bar and eat-in truck beds, this place was the perfect starting location.  It had plenty of shade to shoot in the Texas afternoon sun and a great selection of Texas craft beer.

After that we headed over to White Rock Lake to photograph at The Filter Building, where they will be holding their rehearsal dinner.  After that, we headed to the Fountain Place building, an iconic downtown Dallas structure awash with dancing water gardens.  This building is significant to Michael because his father works there.  It was the weekend, so the fountains weren’t splashing, but it still provided a memorable and stunningly beautiful location to photograph.  Next stop was Klyde Warren Park, which offers lush green urban park with a skyline backdrop.  Are you tired yet?  We were, so we hit up one of my favorite Dallas Tex-Mex spots, Meso Maya, for dinner and margaritas before finishing up on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge for a nighttime Dallas skyline portrait.

Texas Truckyard EngagementTexas Truckyard EngagementTexas Truckyard EngagementTexas Truckyard EngagementTexas Truckyard EngagementTexas Truckyard EngagementTexas Truckyard EngagementTexas Truckyard EngagementWhite Rock EngagementWhite Rock Lake Engagement SessionWhite Rock Engagement SessionWhite Rock Engagement SessionWhite Rock Engagement SessionWhite Rock Engagement SessionWhite Rock Engagement SessionDallas Engagement SessionDowntown Dallas Engagement SessionDowntown Dallas Engagement SessionDallas Engagement PhotosDallas Engagement PhotosKlyde Warren Park EngagementKlyde Warren Park PortraitKlyde Warren Park PortraitDallas Skyline Engagement

Empire Mines Wedding

Empire Mine Wedding | Emily + Dave

I spent six years as a camp counselor in college at an all girls non-denominational summer camp called Camp Mystic, that sought to enrich the lives of young girls by helping them become better people, giving them the space to allow themselves to grow as young adults and let camp bring out the best in them, and develop spiritually, however that may be.  Every year on one special day, we told the story of the Warm Fuzzies, about two people who lived in a land where everyone was happy because they were always sharing, giving and recieving these little balls of fluff called, of course, “warm fuzzies.”  Since Warm Fuzzies were “always given freely, getting enough of them was never a problem. There were always plenty to go around, and so everyone was happy and felt warm and fuzzy most of the time.”  The story goes on and there’s some melodrama and sadness to overcome, as all good stories have, but in the end, we’d give all the campers a whole bunch of warm fuzzies and they would spend the rest of the term handing them out to people, bringing unbridled joy and happiness to all of the land.

Where am I going with this in a wedding blog post?

I’ll tell you:

Emily is a Warm Fuzzy.

She is the warmest of warm fuzzies.  The minute you meet her, she envelops you with these large, gracious, giving eyes and she brings you in and makes you feel loved and welcome and fabulous.  Dave is hardly any different: grinning, congenial, extremely smart, and with a snarky fun wit that makes Em light up.  You can see it in their wedding photos: it was seriously difficult to get a photo of Em not laughing.

Their Empire Mine Wedding at Empire Mine State Park in Nevada City, outside of Grass Valley, CA was stunningly beautiful.  It looks like fairy land: everything was green, awash in golden sunlight and etheral.  I am so over the moon for this venue that I cannot wait to return to it.  Just a word of warning: if you hire me to be your wedding photographer, person reading this, then you best put an hour of portraits on your schedule beause I could take portraits there for DAYS and not exhaust all the awesome out of it.  It’s GORGEOUS.

But, back to Em and Dave.

These two people are so rad, so loving, and so secure in themselves, their faith and their friendships that they are nothing short of inspirational.  They are giving and gorgeous and I know that only extreme happiness is coming their way because they ask for nothing in return but laughter and smiles.  They deserve every bit of their joy and I feel extremely lucky to have met a real life warm fuzzy and better yet, to have photographed her wedding.

Ceremony Venue: Empire Mine State Park | Ceremony DJ: Sac City DJ | Flowers: Sweet Roots Farm | Reception Venue: The Powell House | Caterer: Farm to Table | Rentals: SRC Rentals | Decor: Roots Reclaimed | Bride Hair: Analise Joy Haines | Bride’s Dress: Dreamnette Bridal | Groom’s Attire: Banana Republic

Empire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines WeddingEmpire Mines WeddingEmpire Mines WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State ParkEmpire Mines WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines WeddingEmpire Mines WeddingEmpire Mines WeddingEmpire Mines WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines State ParkEmpire Mines State ParkEmpire Mines State ParkEmpire Mines State Park WeddingEmpire Mines Wedding

Little Italy Engagement Photos

San Francisco Engagement Photos | Kelley + Neal | Sneak Peek

Kelley is my best mate’s other best mate.

I was absolutely overjoyed when she decided she wanted me to be her wedding photographer.  I was jumping up and down on my bed (figuratively, not literally) when she said she wanted to rendevous in San Francisco for her engagement session.  It was an absolute blast and it was a trip made even better when our best mate Haley and her husband Dave traveled up from LA to join us.  I can’t wait to share all the awesome photos we took on our day in the city from Brenda’s Soul Food for breakfast, to city scapes at every view point we found, to oysters at the Ferry Building to Coit Tower.  Here’s a few sneak peeks from our awesome weekend together.

San Francisco Engagement Little Italy Engagement PhotosCoit Tower Engagement Photos

Culver City Portrait Session

Culver City Engagement Session | Published at Ever Ours

This one time, Lydia over at Ever Ours published one of my engagement sessions and I waxed and waned about how honored I was to be part of her amazing photographic community.  She celebrates real love, great photographers and amazing photos and I’m overjoyed to be featured on her blog for the 2nd time, with this gorgeous Culver City engagement session for Andy and Sarah.

You can also follow Ever Ours on Tumblr, Twitter,Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

You can see the entire feature over at Ever Ours via this link.

Culver City Engagement Session

Miner's Foundry Wedding

Nevada City Wedding Photographer | Alysha + Jackson | Sneak Peek

Alysha said that she knew I was the photographer for her the minute she saw me on Skype with a huge glass of wine in my hand.  Alysha and Jackson were visibly relaxed during their wedding day at the Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center.  Surrounded by friends and family and the rustic weathered building that was originally a machine shop, they wed in a quiet ceremony and celebrated with a reception that offered some of the best mac’n’cheese I’ve had lately (and you know I love mac’n’cheese).

Here’s a few sneak peeks from my day as their Nevada City Wedding Photographer.  There’s more to come from this awesome couple!

Nevada City Wedding PhotographerMiner's Foundry Wedding PhotographyNevada City Wedding Portraits

Swimming Senior Portraits

Tracy Senior Photography | Jason

This family.  I adore them so much.

Eddie and Lori were were one of my first Tahoe wedding clients.  They were wed in a beautiful and intimate Tahoe beach ceremony at theTahoe Beach Retreat.  To this day, they remain some of my most vibrant and vocal supporters.  I would do anything for them, and anything includes visiting their beautiful family in the Bay Area for some Tracy senior photography for their son Jason.

Jason is a talented, smart kid who intends to continue his pursuits of water polo in college.  He really wanted to showcase his love of the sport in his session and as I am a former competitive swimmer myself, I was excited for the session!  We spend the morning wandering around Tracy, CA with Jason’s guitar at various locations that Lori had previously scouted for me.  I must say: Lori was an exceptional location scout!  It was high noon almost when we shot and I didn’t want to leave Eddie without a job so we employed his services as umbrella man.  He also did an exceptionally great job assisting!

Tracy CA senior photography

Exceptional umbrella holding by Eddie!

I am constantly amazed by the folks who come into my life thanks to my job.  One of the best things about it is the lifelong relationships I forge with clients who I come to consider friends.  This family warms my heart in every way and I’m so happy I was able to photograph Jason to celebrate his high school graduation.  Here’s a few of my favorites from our Tracy, CA senior portrait session.

Tracy Senior PortraitTracy Senior PortraitsTracy Senior Portrait LocationsTracy Senior Portrait PhotographyTracy Senior PhotographerTracy senior photographyTracy Senior Portrait photographerWater Polo Senior PortraitSwimteam senior PortraitSwimming Senior PortraitFreestyle portrait swimmingSwimming Senior Portrait PhotographyWater Polo Portraits

Empire Mines Wedding

Grass Valley Wedding | Em + Dave | Sneak Peek

I basically spent the entire 10 minutes I had with this couple for portraits flippin’ flippin’ out.  Don’t think I wasn’t.

Empire Mines Wedding

This venue is INCREDIBLE.  Breathtakingly beautiful.  Photo opportunities every where you look.  Ridiculous lush greenery.  Backlit afternoon sunshine in just the right spot for everything.  It’s basically photographer heaven.  I could have spent an hour taking portraits with these two.  The first spot we photographed at I instantly knew was my favorite as soon as I looked at the screen.

I can’t wait to share more about this couple that I’m so enamored with I just want to keep them in my pocket forever.  But I can’t.  So I won’t.

I will share more from their gorgeous wedding with their gorgeous people and their gorgeous Grass Valley Wedding at Empire Mine State Park.

Until then, these will have to do.  Congrats Em + Dave.  You guys are rad.

Also, I really want to go back here.  Someone hire me to photograph their Grass Valley Wedding please please pretty please because I barely even touched the surface of possibilities for this joint.

Empire Mine State Park WeddingEmpire Mine Weddings