Matt and Melissa know the value of a quality headshot. I’ve been extolling the benefits of revamping your headshots on my blog and instagram for quite some time, but as Matt recently pointed out after our session with me as their Austin headshot photographer, it’s not just for “small businesses…as an employee of a large global [company], it’s important to freshen both my internal and external brand images on email, slack, LinkedIn, Teams, and the many many other locations both internally and also external where my image resides. I might have been with my company 10 years, I don’t look like my day one ID badge anymore…. my profiles should reflect that.”

With the lack of work in weddings and events, I’ve been lucky to have the time to pivot my business into more commercial work and for that I am incredibly grateful because let me tell you – headshot sessions don’t have to be stuffy, boring, or on a seamless background.  They are incredibly fun and I love their collaborative nature. It’s important to infuse a bit of your personality into your headshot and this is where an environmental portrait comes in.  Your professional headshots in Austin, TX can involve the neighborhoods and backdrops that you do business in or identify with the most.  If you’re interested in a Austin headshot photographer, you can see more of my commercial and headshot photography here.   If you want to revamp your professional presence with brand new headshots, just head to my contact form and put in a request here and the pertinent pricing will auto send because the internet is magic!