There are just so many magical things we absolutely adore about spring. When the long winter ends, the warmer temperature along with spring sunshine is welcomed. The landscape, the gardens, the flowers, the vineyards: everything transforms with new fragrance and hues. These are the beautiful changes that make this season ideal for a wedding, and not to forget, there are other benefits as well. Here, explore some of the benefits to having a spring wedding.

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Reason 1: Romance is in the air

You know the feeling of a new relationship: those good new days, when you can’t take your hands off each other. Where everything seems pressing and intense. Spring is similar.  Everything feels new and fresh.  As such, what better time to celebrate your love than the Spring season?

Spring is, without any doubt, a romantic season since the cherry blossoms bloom and floral hues are in fashion. There is nothing more passionate than getting married in the outdoor ceremony in dreamy gardens or surrounded by the now lush green vineyards of California.

In addition to it, like many newlywed couples, if you are planning your honeymoon after your wedding, you surely are in luck. During the spring season, you will find many holiday destinations at their best. Head to Japan and make the most of your exciting days with a cherry blossom festival, visit New Orleans in the spring before the summer heat hits and attend the world renowned Jazz and Heritage festival, or head to Ireland when the weather is perfect and visit Bloom in the Park, Ireland’s largest showcase celebrating the best of Irish horticulture, food and drink. When the spring is in its full bloom, why should you slow down? Wink wink.

Benefits to having a spring wedding
Benefits to having a spring wedding

Reason 2: Customize Everything – Spoilt for Choices

Ohh! One of the major benefits of having a spring wedding is that you are spoilt for choice! The Spring couple has so many options to choose from with regards to their wedding. With a wide range of blossoming flowers available, you can pick the perfect flowers for your vibrant wedding centerpieces, bouquets or boutonnieres. From sweet peas and dahlias to poppies and peonies (we all know there isn’t such a thing as a spring wedding without the peonies) the world is your floral oyster.  Spring is just ALL about flowers.

Not only that, opt for a floral gowns or wedding party attire either with prints or patterns. Is there anything more romantic and elegant? With soft combos like Chantilly blue and rose quartz; yellow and mint; and gold and blush; you will be left with lots of choices for a fairy-tale wedding. The brighter and lighter tones of spring are amazingly feminine and tend to make every Spring wedding look voguish as well as sophisticated.

Think of the blooming cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, pretty pastels, and the musical note of “I do” – With this combination, you can have the best of both worlds!

If you want to make everything look a bit more modish, it’s just as easy to give your want your wedding a more powerful touch of Spring: just do it!

Since spring is nature’s way to say, “let’s party!” and because we eat with our eyes, there is nothing more colorful and tastier than the spring menu. Luckily, the spring wedding menu won’t cost you a fortune, but is appetizing, looks great, and feeds your guests easily. Serve a delicious barbecue with luscious ice creams and a lovely naked wedding cake. Spring is simple. Let your surroundings and the weather speak for themselves.

Benefits to having a spring wedding
Benefits to having a spring wedding

Reason 3: Spring is synonymous of “New Beginnings”

Spring is synonymous with new growth and new beginnings: what a romantic way of celebrating your wedding along with the start of a new happy partnership and stage in your life together.  When it comes down to talking about the benefits of having a spring wedding, you cannot deny that there is something more pleasing about getting hitched during the spring season. Renewal and rebirth, new beginnings and brighter days: the most special season to begin a glorious chapter together with your significant other.

Apart from that, Spring brings higher spirits in people. For us in Tahoe, Spring is that feeling when you can finally put shorts on and head to the beach for the afternoon and bask in the sunshine for a bit.  It’s when the snow starts to melt and the days get longer and you get to spend more time with your loved ones on brighter days.  It’s when my friends start up our weekly Tuesday night volleyball sessions.  Spring is all of this and more: your mood is light, there’s a bounce in your step, and everything is rosy.  Let spring work its charm on you and the people around you and celebrate with a spring wedding.

Benefits to having a spring wedding
Benefits to having a spring wedding
Benefits to having a spring wedding

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