The months leading up to your wedding are a whirlwind of planning, opinions, and excitement. The expectations about what your day will be are high, whether you started planning when you were a kid or you just learned the difference between ivory and white. With all the pressure put on “the single most important day of your life,” it’s no surprise that many couples get pre-wedding jitters. Here are some ways to stay chill before your nerves get the best of you.

Get some “you” time in.

Even with smaller weddings, expect that your family and friends will want to soak up every minute they have with you. Before your vendors and wedding party arrive, set aside 5-10 minutes to yourself. If you keep a journal or meditate, now’s the time to do it! Otherwise, just take some deep breaths and check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Nervous, excited? Whatever you’re feeling, trust that it’s completely normal. Your mind will thank you for taking the time to get centered before the day begins.

How to cure the pre-wedding jitters

Stick with what you know.

The week before your wedding is not the time to try a new sushi or seafood restaurant (take my word for it) or intermittent fasting. Your emotions are at an all-time high, which might be driving you to want to take risks. Fight the urge! There’s nothing worse than getting sick with food poisoning or your dress or suit not fitting (it happens, people!). These things are totally avoidable, though. Stick to your usual diet and sleep routine to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Pro tip: If this is a destination wedding and you’re unfamiliar with local eateries, ask your photographer (me!) or other vendors for recommendations on trusted places to eat.

Stay hydrated.

Don’t let rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding partying get the best of you: bring a reusable water bottle. With all that’s going on right before your wedding (it will feel like a blur), it’s easy to forget about the necessities. Put your maid of honor or best man in charge of keeping you hydrated. Or follow the trusty no-hangover tip: drink one sip of water for every sip of alcoholic beverage you have. Plus, drinking tons of water will give you that wedding glow and keep your anxiety at bay.

How to Cure the Pre-Wedding Jitters

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The days leading up to your wedding will feel fast and jam-packed with last-minute details--even the best, most calculated planners feel it! This is the perfect time to ask your family and friends (hello, wedding party!) to take on some responsibility. 

Being in control of every little detail is only fun to a point. And that point is where you’re about to lose your sanity. Delegate smaller tasks, like steaming your dress or tux, ensuring you’re hydrated, and laying out party favors, to your wedding party. They’re not just there to look pretty (although that’s a big portion of the job). Focus on getting married and let them handle the rest. No one was meant to go it alone. Ask for help when you need it.

Tahoe Winter Wedding

Remember what this day is about: your partner and you.

Yes, it’s awesome having all your favorite people celebrating in the same room. No doubt that comes with troubled histories, awkward family dynamics, and without fail, someone upset about something. Instead of letting the drama consume you, take a deep breath and remember the reason why you’re celebrating: your marriage. 

Find some time before the festivities begin to relax with your partner, just the two of you. This is 110% why you should have a first look! Share with each other what you’re most excited about and what you’re most grateful for. Focusing on the positive will train your mind to let the more dramatic moments roll right off your shoulder, allowing you to be more present throughout your day.

Why to have a first look

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