As a wedding photographer, it is my privilege (and thrill) to capture the essence of love in all its forms. I believe that every couple deserves to have their unique story told and cherished through great images. Wedding planning can be an enormously stressful undertaking all by itself, but when you add in the additional worry that you might not be treated fairly, or have your concerns taken seriously, it just exasperates the stress. It is sad, but unfortunately, the reality is that many LGBTQ couples face significant discrimination when planning their weddings. This feels especially relevant right now, as we’re living in a world that feels especially dangerous and unsafe for LGTBQ+ couples.

Over here in my world, I believe that love is a beautiful and universal language that transcends all boundaries. Your wedding is yours and should be the amazing day you have dreamed it to be, and it should happen without added stress.  Unfortunately, trying to find vendors who will support you and help bring your vision to life is not always rainbows and sparkles. It can be time-consuming trying to find and sort through good vs. bad and supportive vs not supportive, which is why a common place for many couples to start is with some of these LGBTQ friendly wedding resources.

I believe that embracing diversity and creating an inclusive environment is not just a choice, but a fundamental responsibility of being a good human.  LGBTQ+ inclusivity goes beyond mere acceptance; it is about actively celebrating and supporting love in all its forms. I recognize that I’m directly responsible for fostering an inclusive environment: my images play a crucial role in ensuring that every couple feels seen, respected, and celebrated. My goal as a photographer is always to create a space where couples can freely express their authentic selves, feel safe doing so, and have the same quality of service as everyone else in the world, regardless of gender, orientation, race, or whether or not you are a super nerd. I photograph weddings for people who are uniquely and unabashedly themselves and nothing brings me more joy.

From understanding the significance of LGBTQ+ weddings to capturing love authentically and exploring valuable resources, it’s easy to get lost in the internet and frustrated with dead ends, but here is a guide of some of the most comprehensive LGBTQ friendly wedding resources out there for couples of all types.

LGBTQ wedding resources

Rainbow Wedding Network

Rainbow Wedding Network is the producer of hundreds of boutique-style Gay & Lesbian Wedding Expos throughout the nation. These boutiques help connect LGBTQ couples to wedding vendors in their communities. These are vendors who support LGBTQ rights and are comfortable with making your day unique and special.  The network is lesbian-owned organization that has produced over 200 wedding expos in 33 different states. They produce 25 new events every year.

The site itself has an abundance of LGTBQ friendly wedding resources for any couple. It houses an online directory where couples can input their location to find a list of wedding vendors who will be comfortable working with you and your partner. The site also contains a blog where you can browse articles and find wedding ideas and inspiration.  What sets this site apart from the others is that the Network has a podcast where the team discusses trends, how to work with vendors and keeps you updated on LGBTQ current events.  Of course, the most important page on the site is the list of dates for the upcoming wedding expos they are hosting in different cities.  The expo for Texas will be held on May 19, 2019.  There is normally an expo in Austin and San Antonio in the spring every year as well, so, if you are planning your wedding for the fall or winter of 2019-20, this might be one to catch.

Overall, the site is user friendly and a great resource for finding LGBTQ friendly vendors, wedding tips and keeping up with LGBT news.


Pridezillas is also a wedding resource site for the LGBT community.  Their focus is on connecting couples with LGBTQ friendly vendors. Like the Rainbow Wedding Network, they allow you to search for vendors by location.

The site also boasts an extensive blog with articles on many topics including “Tips from Officiants,” and photography guides. In addition to the blog, the website includes an album of beautiful LGBTQ+ weddings to help get your planning creative juices going.

Though not as intricate as the Rainbow Network site, the simple website design makes this site easy to use and less time consuming which might be helpful when you are on an already tight wedding planning timeline. 

LGBTQ Wedding Experience

Equally Wed

Equally Wed is probably the largest and most well-known of the online LGBTQ+ wedding resources. It’s all-encompassing, offering inspiration, advice, and real wedding features for same-sex couples. Their website provides a plethora of articles, vendor listings, and planning tools to assist couples in creating their dream wedding.

Through their online magazine, Equally Wed showcases a diverse collection of real wedding stories, showcasing the love and celebrations of LGBTQ+ couples from various backgrounds and identities. These stories serve as a source of inspiration and empowerment, while their expert articles cover a wide range of topics, including wedding planning tips, legal considerations, and navigating family dynamics, providing invaluable guidance for LGBTQ+ couples navigating the complexities of wedding planning. Additionally, the platform offers helpful planning tools such as checklists, timelines, and budgeting resources, ensuring that couples have the necessary tools to organize and execute their perfect day.

LGBTQ Couple wedding - Lake Tahoe - Lauren Lindley Photography
Intimate Tahoe LGBT+ wedding

In celebration of pride month, I’m here to remind everyone that my realm and the world around me is a safe space for everyone.

For far too long, the narratives and experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals have been marginalized or erased altogether, perpetuating feelings of invisibility and exclusion. LGBTQ+ couples, like any other, deserve to see their stories and experiences reflected in the imagery that documents their special day. If you are a Tahoe wedding vendor, I hope that you to are actively trying to pave the way for a more inclusive and accepting future.

By embracing diversity, creating an inclusive environment, and actively advocating for representation and visibility, wedding photographers can be powerful allies to LGBTQ+ couples. My lens is available, regardless of who you are, to capture the beauty, joy, and authenticity of love without boundaries, ensuring that every couple’s love story is preserved and cherished for generations to come.

If you are an inclusive wedding vendor, these LGBTQ friendly wedding resources are a great place to get listed and discovered.

Y’all means all! And don’t you forget it!