I know, I know.  There’s too many photos in this fucking blog post. I usually try to pick 20. I can’t. You can’t make me. I love a good dance floor and LORD did Sonni and Forest’s guests BRING IT at their Plumpjack Inn wedding in Olympic Valley, CA.  It doesn’t help that I have so many connections to so many of their people – they were magnetic to my camera. First of all, a few years back, I photographed the wedding of two of their friends (and now my good friends), Dost and Nick, here in Lake Tahoe at a private estate, and then second of all, their friend Ryan and his wife were the officiant and guests at Sam and Bree’s Carpinteria Beach micro wedding last year.  Ryan and his wife are ragers on the dance floor.  They commanded attention at seemingly every corner of it at every moment. With quite a bit of help from Dylan over at Lake Tahoe DJs, Sonni and Forest’s Plumpjack Inn wedding was far more epic than I expected it to be!

Sonni and Forest were living in different cities when they were introduced: Sonni in LA and Forest in Reno.  As such, their friend group is as eclectic, fun and vibrant as they are. Forest managed to convince Sonni to move to Reno for him (spoiler: it worked out) and here we are!  They are relaxed, fun-loving, musical singing nerdy individuals and now that our friends Dost and Nick have moved to Austin, I’m excited to substitute Sonni and Forest as my Reno friends into the gaping hole that has been left behind.

Instead of a sand ceremony, Sonni and Forest combined two of their favorite beers together to during the ceremony to hilarious (and possibly not so tasty) results. Sonni has a VERY expressive face (she is aware, don’t worry) and the images from their ceremony have so much joy and hilarity written into her expression.  Forest’s family owns a winery so they had the largest wine bottle I’ve ever seen that was inscribed just for them and their wedding date from his family’s vineyard, TeBri Winery (they make Oregon pinots and it was delicious).  There was dancing and singing and dancing and singing and more dancing and more singing, followed by an after party at a local Olympic Valley pub.  In short, their Plumpjack Inn wedding was perfect in every way (though we could have used without the wind that day).

Venue: Plumpjack Inn | Coordinator: Summit Soiree | DJ: Lake Tahoe DJs | Florist: Helianthus Floral Design | Bakery: Lake Tahoe Cakes | Hair and Makeup: Nancy Rice Artistry