The number one way to create a strong visual identity for your product is to start with a brand photographer.  After Lifewater partnered with local cities in a number of states to hire artists to create murals that reflected their region, they wanted to show off the artists and products in a cohesive way across each location. Hiring me as their Reno brand photographer, my goal was to create a number of images that accurately represented their brand and the beautiful mural that Kate O’Hara did for them at the University of Northern Reno. Kate was tasked with designing a water bottle that represented her home state of Nevada and what it meant to her. A kit of merchandise based on the bottle, including a bandana, pin, patches, stickers, and a hat were also produced in this collaboration. Kate painted murals in two locations in Nevada: one at UNR and one in the Las Vegas Arts District.

Lifewater knew that hiring a Reno brand photographer we essential to conveying the awesome work that Kate did for them and I was ecstatic to take on such a fun project.  Brand photography will help you stand out from your competitors and attract more customers by communicating your values to your target audience. No matter where your location is, having professional images of your products and the people that are on your team can make an immense difference.  Thanks to improved visibility and recognition, custom brand photography will help you have a cohesive impression across all media marketing materials, whether its intended use is your website, your social media, or print marketing (or all three!).

Need more reasons to be convinced that hiring me as your Reno brand photographer is right for you?  Look – I say it all the time, but stock photos aren’t personal to your business.  With quality brand photos that reflect YOU and your business and only yours, you can increase your brand’s credibility, ultimately helping establish trust with your target audience and build your customer base, and that, as we all know, leads to additional sales and brand recognition.  You’ll get better engagement using better photos and that’s a fact. Venngage reports that stock photos routinely perform the worst for most small businesses – people are more likely to share, like, and comment on high quality images.  I also just recently learned how incredibly important images are for your search engine optimization (thanks to SEO is fun!) and some simple tweaks with the way I utilize images on my blog posts have made a huge difference in my web rankings.

Basically – if you’re ready to level up your images, your marketing materials, and your social media, hire me as your Reno Brand Photographer today.  Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, I’m here to help you grow your business and achieve your goals and we’re gonna do it while having a really really really good time, I promise.

If you’re looking for consistent quality images that are custom to your business and brand, I have a brand new subscription-based service that is available whether you are in Reno, Texas, the Bay Area or any location nationwide.  It will give you the images you need, on a steady basis, at a discount from stand alone sessions and it’s a great way to make those marketing goals happen.