Having a memorable wedding isn’t just about the open bar and the ridiculous dance moves your uncle pulled out on the dance floor. It’s about the intentional, small details that make it uniquely yours. Some couples choose to bring touches of home to their day or to include their fur babies, and some (those of us with a sweet tooth), like to go all out on treats for our guests. Here are this summer’s steal-the-show wedding treats and favors:

Candy bars

No, not, like, Snickers. We’re talking about a bar full of candy options for big kids and little ones, too. If your venue is outdoors, be mindful of sweet treats that could get sticky in the sun. Opt for refreshing options like Lemon Heads, Starbursts, and fruity candy, and maybe even wafers or macarons. Candy bars give guests a variety of treats to choose from, and they’re sure to include something for everyone. You can even offer up bags so guests can pack some treats as a wedding favor. If you’re not sure where to start, poll your friends for some of their favorites. Dress up the bar with themed decor and florals.


Especially for fun couples and casual, outdoor venues, popcorn is a crowd favorite summer treat for wedding guests. You can either rent a machine locally, but you may want to employ a popcorn scooper so things don’t get too messy. Another great option for providing popcorn is buying pre-packaged stuff. Not only can you choose yummy flavors (and keep the leftovers), but this grab and go option is fit for guests who are trying to take their treats to the dancefloor. Check out Popcorn for the People, a rad popcorn nonprofit that creates meaningful employment for those with autism and disabilities. 

Downsizing wedding
include dogs in your wedding


Perfect for weddings that fall smack dab in the middle of summer. Keep it low budget with Flav-Or-Ice pops (ya know, the ones we had when we were kids) kept cool in a beverage bin. Or get fancy with DIY pops (think lemonade with blueberries)—add fruit that complements other flavors guests will be experiencing. Choose fun flavors like piña colada (and even get boozy with them if the crowd calls for it).

Jam/Marmalade & honey

If you’ve recently been to your local farmers market (or Trader Joe’s), you’ve probably tried a delicious sample of homemade jam/marmalade or honey. So why not make them wedding favors? Support local small businesses and see if they’d be willing to customize a wedding package for you. Set the jam/marmalade or honey sticks out at cocktail hour as “testers” and let your guests pick their favorite in a small jar on the way out. These little gifts are a special way to remember the day well after it’s passed.