Now that Halloween is officially over, the Holidays have taken the reigns! Whether you are in the Yay! Or Shove it! camp, you will eventually begin receiving those cute family portrait holiday cards in the mail. You, like many people, may have even thought about the importance of family portraits and how you should have some taken yourself, but you still haven’t done it yet. You don’t have enough time and have excuses for days. Nails are not done, roots are showing, you tell yourself you’ll do it once you lose the next ten pounds or it’s just plain hard for you to get all family members together. We know. Yet, you have these excuses every year. Unfortunately, those photos never happen.

Imagine yourself 30 years from now, sitting on a bench in a green garden under the beautiful blue sky, with your grandkids, great niece or nephew or the neighbour who grew up next door, you have some family portraits in your hand. Just kidding, you don’t have any because you never got to it. It’s time to make those family (hey, you and your labradoodle are a family too) portraits happen. We’ve jotted down three good reasons you should take family portraits, so that you don’t regret your procrastination later.

Family sits on dock

Document your child/puppy’s/niece’s growth

Sometimes we are so busy constructing our future that we forget to live in the moment. Children tend to grow fast. One minute, you are kicking their butts in a little indoor soccer (because let’s be honest, you can’t in good conscience just let them win) and in the next moment, they have packed their bags and are headed out.

Having a family portrait session at least once a year helps to document your children’s growth. Even the photo of little Charlie crying his eyes out is worth the memory. One day, years from now when he brings his new partner to meet you, that photo on your wall will serve as a nice conversation piece to lighten the mood.

Small child crying
boy in woods

You Don’t Know What the Future Holds

Let’s face it, life is full of ups and downs and It’s hard to admit, but there comes a time when your loved ones are no longer with you. Grandmother’s, great uncles and amazing dogs eventually pass away. Have you ever wondered how will you re-live those moments without having any photos together? Don’t waste the opportunity to freeze your life together in the present moment in the shape of a frame. You never know when your last chance to take those family portraits will be, make it happen now.

Importance of family portraits

Seize (or Freeze) the Moment!

Photos give you the rare opportunity to turn back the clock. They have the power to transport you back to these amazing moments. While you are living in the present, take some time to freeze it, at least for a few hours. You’ll never regret a single family or self portrait taken. I promise, years from now when you look back on them, no one will notice those untouched-up roots, or that extra ten pounds. They’ll just remember with fondness; the day little Charlie lost his crap and the family dog ran through the mud and ruined that whole white t-shirt theme you had going on (but also, don’t do all white, it’s not 1992 anymore). Families come in all shapes and sizes and heck, you could just be a family of one, either way, no need to let another year go by without making those portraits happen.

Importance of Family Portraits
pregnant mother and husband in woods