The Reno Tahoe area offers a wide variety of fun for the entire family with year round events that are incredibly fun, family oriented, and, in the case of the Virginia City Camel Races, a little bit weird.  From Genoa’s Candy Dance, to Carson Valley Days, to the Reno Balloon Races, the Reno Tahoe area has something for everyone in your family.  When wildfire season hit Lake Tahoe with surprise this fall, we ventured down to the clean air in Virginia City to check out the Virginia City Camel Races for the first time.  I brought my camera because I was feeling a little bit creative that day and as a Virginia City Event Photographer, I’m always looking for fun and inspiring Reno Tahoe events to photograph.

For 63 years, Virginia City has been hosting the camel (and ostrich races) after it started as a prank between  started as a prank two newspaper editors. It was an absolutely hysterical good time and one that I would be loath to miss in the future.  From zebras to emus, camels, to ostriches, there’s something wild and wacky here happening at every moment and we loved every second of it!  If you’re looking to make a weekend of it, Virginia City is quite the historic mining town and worth exploring.  From historic saloons to haunted hotels, ghost tours, and a local gin, it’s got it all!

Virginia City Event Photographer